Monday, November 21, 2011

Benetton , a Hate Message

This provocative pic is not the only one that stirred anger all around the world, but what surprised me the most is that there was no respond or reaction from the gay community world wide,...

               Benetton had also some other pics of politicians, religious figures from all over the world in a similar message,.. and of course the gay community as always is busy looking for dates, taking care of Holly Wood super stars, and showing off nude on Cybercams, and not a single reaction to Benetton,..

               In our subconscious, we revive messages reflected by what we see and encounter , and while the reactions to this will not show immediately it stays their and influence us ,..  and what relegious people saw in these adds will add to the rejection of gays in their subconscious, and they will always tie Gays to what they saw as insult to their believe, and the reaction will always be anti gay. They will see in them the Taboo Benetton , very clearly wanted to show; because I really do NOT believe that they never meant to hurt gays ,One more thing , ... see the message below,.. is he saying that those kisses were between enemies???

In short, Benetton has planted into peoples subconscious that what they see as insult is connected with that Taboo kiss of Gays,... and I really would recommend that these communities speak up ...
Upper add pulled

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