Friday, November 25, 2011

Human Rights is a hostile foreign Agenda

This has always been the case through out the history of mankind, people who are struggling for their human rights will always be branded as, traitors, working a hostile foreign agenda, since the dawn of history, through the Roman, Hitler, Mubarak and ali, everywhere and every zone of the Globe

and this is what the Saudi Regime has been doing all along, a favourite weapon of choice for two reasons:

1-The secular hate they created since the very beggining of the Establishment of their Dynisty , evident in schools, mosques, Media, .. every where, and is fueled by the minute, just for a time like this when they need it.

2-It is ALWAYS a way of passing death sentences against all who participate in any human rights activity..
  These two reasons and methods the regime see as their ultimate guarantee of survival since the country is so divided into clans, tribes, believes that it is very convenient to use them on each other and weaken all ,.

and in this category was the statement issued by the Ministry of Interior on the killing of 4 activists, injuring 10,'s and jailing 100's , and since the " Royal Decree " ; statements issued by MI, and all ministries held by a royal has the magnitude of a royal decree,.. since then , pages on facebook for the activists, Forums, Tv Talk shows, Schools, Media , .. is inciting hate against the minorities, bluntly issuing death threats, and of course the regime is happy and relaxed

But the question everyone needs to ask the government, Why is it then that the opposition is all across the rainbow of the public, all sorts of people, lives, tribes, and sects, " pic above 4 example " ?

Another question would be,

Why don't you Nazis , Give people their dignity, their human statue that you have robbed along the years??
Give them their share of their wealth " The Royals publicly say that the Oil wealth of the country was given to them by God, in a " Revelation " dream their Father saw after attending to some poor woman when he was fleeing his birth place to Kuwait then m before starting his campaign with the help of the British to over throw all who were opposed to the presence of the British in the region " ,.. I am not making this up,.. this is true,.. wana see it?? ask for the tapes of when the war on Iraq to free Kuwait, I have seen some of those lately , and Fahad, the King then said that on the official TV channel ,..

Why doncha first give the people their rights, the regime will NOT even have a written constitution, so that death penalty and harsh sentences could be carried out at well ..

The regimes opposes an elected Parliament, Civil rights movements, no, Civil nothing in the country, an all of the sort is outlawed and marked as western pagans way of life ..

Women even can't drive, their off springs are superior to them, for they will need their approval to travel or practice and daily activities ..

Why doncha then Give the people all of that, and it's not much since it's their any way,..

Then ,... Only Then , we may listen when you say that they are working a foreign Agenda ,..

Portraying Islam as the Enemy, Mark the Cartoon  " AlSaud Family, add minorities heads , and you get exactly who they are " ,...Please see here and here for articles related to this pic,..

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