Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Obama's corroded Ironclad

That's what he said on the Issue of Iran's Peaceful Nuclear program " I will take nothing of the table "
What does that mean ??
Some say that he wants war and promising a strike ,..
more Obama wise say that it's what he's been doing ever since he campaigned for the White House
Talking and not delivering ,..
But is this really smart???
I mean to promise a war at this period ant time??
or promise and not deliver ??
Maybe that's what the Name Obama means ,.
Full of it,.

Obama knows that without the fall of Syria and Hizbullah
he could never lay a finger on an Iranian soil
and to over throw Asad , and Hizbullah , he Must make sure that Iran is crippled
so it's kinda which should come first ,..
and a chance for Obama to be remembered as the one who solved the ever challenging dilemma
Was it the Egg first or was it the Chicken ,.. and tell us if their was a roaster at the beginning

He also Said that :
“Our ironclad commitment -- and I mean ironclad -- to Israel's security has meant the closest military cooperation between our two countries in history.” 

oh, well
had no one told Obama yet that "Iron " does corrode , and that it's not the toughest mineral on Earth??|
or maybe he knew, but couldn't afford anything stronger;
Giving the facts that he's over whelmed by debts , and cannot afford any stronger fist
or that he lended the stronger fist to Tyrants like those of the Kingdoms of Darkness; Saudi Arabia 
and... Bahrain ,.. which explains how Rabbis they are going after peaceful demonstrators seeking their basic human rights and Democracy ,..

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