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USA army is the most ethical in the world !!!

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Oh, Yeah Look at those dead bastards

Everytime you listen to an American politician, Military, intelligence officer, Media broadcaster
you always hear that the USA army is the most ethical
so Obviously you ask , so what are all these leaked information, media, and testimony on global abuses by them world wide, in every area they were ever present ??
The answer is always , these are individuals who were taken to court and had to pay ,..
but ...
is this really true??

Photo: Soldiers urinating on Dead Afghan bodies ,.
In Arabic we have a proverb : Know whom ever you wish to know by knowing their best of friends (allies )

so , who are the best of the best of friends of the USA ???
Saudi Arabia for example?
Where human rights is Taboo itself
where people have no right what soever ,
Where the Royals are Gods
Where the Incubator of sectarian hate and the fuel that keeps it a life
Where Taliban and AlQaeda , soon to be USA allies since they initialized talks with them , were hatched , raised and fed all the hate necessary to carry on the killings everywhere they could reach.
Where (Now ) human rights activists and people marching and demanding their basic human needs are accused of working a hostile foreign agenda , and are branded drug addicts, and common criminals .
Where people are jailed indefinitely , with no trials and no nothing, since there's no constitution at all ..


Is it Bahrain where people are killed daily and where Saudi Arabia is occupying the tiny Island in support of their cousin Tyrants , who left nothing of the Criminal identity they represent that wasn't flagged out
Rape, torture, assassination, women, children as young as 6 days and as old as 80+ lost their lives and still do, today only 6 people were killed, while the USA That got the 5th fleet stationed there said nothing ,..


Is it the Zionist Entity , where we could see clearly who Hitler was
or,.. Eras Like , Mubarak's, Zain of Tunisia, and Salih of Yeman ??

is being ethical means that you associate with these Killer Tyrants ??

Let those who still say that the USA army is the most Ethical , answer these few questions :

Q1: Was it the USA army who uncovered the disgrace of Abu Ghraib, Iraq??
It wasn't , it was unwillingly leaked from the Cams that was used to " document " torture and used to train operatives ,..
Keep in mind that Abu Ghraib is not a building like they want you to think, It's a vast military area closed to anyone even to Iraqi military and used as a CIA base , the area is as big as Manhattan ..
so everything there was known to everyone in that area ,
How about high ranking officials who visited all the time??, weren't they allowed there?? was it off limit to Powell , Chaney and others

so all of these photos, videos, documents were leaked, either by the perpetrators themselves accidentally
or by an individual or individuals unknown,.. but Never officially by a probe or investigation by the Army or the administration ,.. which means that someone who questioned the methods used had a heart or a grudge so they leaked the info ...

Q2: How many of those were punished accordingly ? Last case was a day ago, and the guy was only depromoted to Private , and a 2 year sentence that may not be carried out whole ,.. but nothing was given to the families of those he killed " Shoot first and ask questions later " 10's died in a couple of hours just because his company had to listen to him..

Q3: If indeed those were punishments and/or programs, meant to educate soldiers , wouldn't these crimes be happening less ?? but of course we need a reference to see that it actually did or didn't ,..
NO official numbers released by the military or Administration ,.. what does that tell you ??
They do NOT want you to know , What they KNOW,.. meaning they know , and they approved everything ... why not expose everything then ????!!!
Photo: Iraqi family with dead loved ones pleading the soldiers not to kill the rest of them

Q4:Who are the soldiers and What are they fighting for???
USA had reverted to the Roman era , where soldiers are mercenaries paid to fight , or forced to fight
People who want a citizenship, want money for education, and holly warriors who are trigger happy and were taught by FOX and it's like that these are barbaric creatures that need to die, a Good arab is a dead Arab,..

These questions and many , many more ,.. will hit them back ,..
Nothing was done for the victim, no compensations ,.. no nothing

for example,.. how many of these soldiers was " acting withing the military guide lines " when they acted and were either acquitted , given a slap on the wrest , or even promoted with honor ??

In a survey of U.S. troops in combat in Iraq, fewer than half of Marines and a little more than half of Army soldiers said they would report a member of their unit for killing or wounding an innocent civilian.

More than 40 percent support the idea of torture in some cases, and 10 percent reported personally abusing Iraqi civilians, the Pentagon said Friday in what it called its first ethics study of troops at the war front. Units exposed to the most combat were chosen for the study, officials said. ..........Continue from Source ,..

a Trained Ethical Army would entirely say that they would report everything ,..


United States war crimes,




 MsnBc , Survey,..


Large numbers of people have turned up for angry demonstrations in Afghanistan after US-led forces in the war-wracked country burned copies of the Holy Qur’an, Press TV reports. Feb 21/2012,..

US Soldier Kills 16 Afghan Civilians including Children, Women,..

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