Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The USA is "Code Commanding" the terrorists in Syria

The USA is "Code Commanding" the terrorists in Syria:
we have a saying in Arabic, I'll try to explain it as possible as I can "
(The Cat loves it's strangler ), this is exactly the case with uncle Sam,..
making terrorists stronger, then they attack them,.. just like Taliban and Shbab of Somalia ,..

The USA's statement " we are deeply concerned that there will be massacres in Heffa; Syria"
and here's what I don't understand,..
Morally you would think that the USA should share " what ever intell they have on any attempt on civilians lives or well being" it's a MORAL thing,.. ; you would expect a doctor to treat their own enemies,.. it's a HUMAN thing .

so why the USA " Suddenly " lost it's morality ??
Because they were never moral, it's a command code,.. GO and KILL in Heffa as many as you can ,..
This is the exact message ,..

earlier they said that Syria is on it's way to becoming the other Bosnia ,..
No way, not even close, but This was also a coded command ,..

and this is not new,.. intelligence, 5th columns, saboteurs always receive commands via mass media outlets, most of the time the media airing or publishing these messages don't know about them and that they are part of creating a massacre

a footnote:
Creative Chaos Theory will not work for one reason;..
Unless this entity is removed from the region, your plots and Chaos will not work,.. for the Zionist entity is YOUR Achilles' Heel ,..
and, that's a CLEAR message Ugly Sam ;)

Pic Credit/Story of Achilles: HERE,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Graduated with honor, from Hell

Ali Hassan jailed a preteen, released a Man ,..
was 12 when arrested for congregating illegally " a term used to describe marching for Human rights and self determination by the regime ", after about 7 months, he's a teenager, and more matured,..

even though it is clear that he endured hell in the concentration camps of the regime, " see the black hallows around his eyes " , weight loss, signs of... tortures on his head and exposed parts of his body, he looked fatigued but determined,..
he got the looks of an activist and he indeed spells the glorious future of Bahrain, and warns of the demize of the regime that attacks kids just to make an example of them ,..

Shame on the world that does nothing to stop these monsters
A Puzzle:
Why is it that children are jailed for marching in Human Rights rallies all over the world, especially so in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain,..
and the International community just shuts up about it ,..
come on , preteen kids get jailed tortured imprisoned for political reasons ???
Martians do exist, that's the only acceptable explanation ,

Still to be graduated many more, amongst them is 11 year old " Ali Jaafar " 6 Months+ in jail :

and ,........... some,... never got the chance to go to the School of  Honor,.. But in Honor they left this world ,... they were killed on the spot, Run over by regime mercenaries; Ali Bedah,.. how his body parts were dismembered and even that did not stop the regime goons from making sure that he never gasp for air again,..
and this is NOT even the tip of the iceberg;
No wounder the 5th fleet command in the area never saw that ,..
But they should have,.. Icebergs are not common in the Persian Gulf, even though it seems that they accompany the presence of the USA armed forces everywhere ,..

Shame on you and down with regimes you support..