Monday, December 12, 2011

Zayn Malik, Solo

One of his Hottest pics

 Here are some links, thoughts, comments about the guy :

Looking at the pic above, you really question the man's taste wearing something like this,.. a real style fall that he shouldn't have done,.. I personally , a tolerant style-pro-choice advocate , find buttoning the upper botton of a shirt is totally unacceptable,.. not even when Zayn does it ,.. Yaaaaaaaaach ,..

so, no more of this Zayn please ,... go for pajamas if you must ,..

or just stick to nothing at all,... you could do that and will receive no objections, what so ever ,.. better yet,.. t-tops, and plain casuals,..

 And that shirt " Guns & Roses " ,... the hottest thing ever since the groups came out with the name,.. not that I know anything about them,.. but people still listen to them,..

Upper Photo is a fake Body,.. Fake ..

  Art Picture source,..

Photo art work, source,..
More Videos ,
Even Moooooooooreee

 -This Pic ^ is FAKE,.. Body of " David Beckham"

One Direction, what makes you beautiful, VIDEO
What does Zayn's tattoo means????  found here,...
One-Direction, Gotta Be You ; VIDEO & Lyrics
Some Fan site,..  , please suggest a site,.. and link to this blog,..
..زين مالك


Thank you guyz for the visit and the comments, since you ALL are anonymous , I'll use Dates to address you ,..

Anon, Dec28: you got competition from Dec25,.. have a draw see who wins Him, :P
Anon, Dec31,.. He's all yours, just tell him I said that he should be real careful with his " Mentor " ^_^
Anonymous Jan 03,..
The Tattoo is Arabic; Kufi script , it's a name ; " Walter " ,.. see the links also ,.. and you are welcome all,.. and Thank you again,.. I don't think that the TATTOO is permanent though

please use the Guestbook if you well,. .for some shitty reason from blogger site, we Just cannot comment you back


  1. I love Zayn Malik! He is SO FINE!!!!!!!!

  2. I love Zayn Malik he is sooooo SEXY & HOT & FINE he's to sexy that's my MAN!!! Lol

  3. bitch please he isnt yours HES MINE

  4. Hi what is the meaning of the zayn tattoo in your chest? please answer...

    1. It means 'Walter' it was his grandpas name

  5. our grandfather's brother is not yours.

  6. He's not your brother! Why Would you be looking up pics of your brother! Unless you were a creeper!

  7. wow he's hot and funny and perfect!!

  8. Je L'adoooooooooooooooooooooor

  9. i love the way he laughs its so cute!

  10. He's PeRFeCt!!i ReAllY rEAllY lIKe hIm!!^___*

  11. hE'S PeRfeCt!!i reAllY reAllY LiKe HIM!!^__*

  12. your brother? like legit biological?

  13. we like you're beautiful I'm from Brazil so his fan!