Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I hope he ROT in Hell

I am so sick watching all Saudi channels, private and official, arab, others commending the soon to be burried and rot in hell prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia.
     People were dependent on him, widows, orphans, the entire world; this is the story you here in all channels
     Some of them even said that God gave him all this money because he knew he was going to spend it on his children, and that he was sending people to seek health abroad, give charity to others.

You rotten Bastards,. God didn't give him any money. It's the money of the people , but he and his brothers stole it, and give handouts from time to time. What makes it even disgusting is that all people who were braising him like he was Jesus are in fact pretty close to him. Hands, Slaves, family members, in-laws,.. and so on ..

    He wouldn't have needed to send people off seas for treatment had they paid attention to health within the Kingdom, had more schools, hospitals, education, training,.. We have nothing,.. not a single stand alone industry, nothing,.. and who gets to be sent outside for treatment are those who could get to them, and be loyal,.. mind you questioning any royal is equal to the greatest sins, or worse most often .

Have we forgotten that his people are killing innocent women, children in Bahrain, Yemen, and within the kingdom itself. Have we forgotten about their corruptions, These handouts are nothing compared to what they steel every day m their wealth is beyond measure,
The wealth of the people is divided amongst themselves, even a newly born gets no less than 300,000 dollars a month  as some leaked cables from the USA embassy say. In JUST ONE portfolio for alsaud there's 878 billion-dollar, "To put this figure in perspective, it is comparable to the entire GDP of Turkey in 2007 (IMF Data).source:

Saudi Arabia: Where Does the Oil Money Go?

 Zero infra structures

All of that , and 30% unemployment and rising, 10% official estimate of 2000, how stupid, the average salary of the people of the richest country in the world is about 300$ a month for a family of Five, the average family in the country..

But they put people on the leash of handouts and hold and maintain their power by invoking sectarian unrest inside and off boarders, they are the ones who were behind 9/11, they were behind all tyrants, and still are, they are the ones who paid with the money they stole from the people for the wars on Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and wanted Israel to continue it's war against Lebanon. But of course a lot of money is being handed out , but only to those who think of them as Gods of the Islamic faith.


Saudi Arabia: Leaked cable reveals how royals get rich

 9/11 Information Center

WikiLeaks: Saudi Arabia fear ‘Shia triangle’ of Iran, Iraq and Pakistan



Blogger who dared to expose Saudi corruption is arrested

You CAN NOT have a successful business and have it alone,.. they will get you

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