Saturday, December 10, 2011

An American Hitler in the WHite House

With friends like him, Arabs really need not worry about anuthing,... just give the mike, some clappers to such guy, and even those who think that peace deal with Israel is a must, will rethink the whole matter again ,..

           First of all ,.. If the USA choices this guy for president, which I think will never happen, not because what he said is against the official stand of the entire USA,.. but because he's stupid, a hater ,  a brainless creature who will only does more harm to the existence of "Is*ael " and the USA,..

I think we have had an invented Palestinian people..." he said ,.. 

some of things this guy said should put him on a locker room ,..he wants Kids to work :
Many of you know I’ve been making the case that we need to work very hard to help poor children in poor neighborhoods acquire opportunities for work,” Gingrich said.
,.. he wants to go to war against Iran/Syria, and will give the issues of the middle east entirely to the Israelis, they decide who they want attacked, and the American Public pay by their own sweat and blood ,.. What a friend to Israel this nutcase is,.. he's uncovering the real truth and identity of the people he supports .. 

 and he's a guy some people think is the best Republican Candidate ,..  Great message RP's .. we'll keep that in mind ,.. : and there are others who just use him , giving the fact that this guys history is cloudy to say the least,.. never was he with the PEOPLE,

Newt Gingrich has often supported policies that have strayed from the conservative position

.. always Israel , his mood, affects his stands,.. he is the worst of Regan era's that will make the Bushite period a moderate stupid front , 

I think we have had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs, and who were historically part of the Arab community. They had a chance to go many places, and for a variety of political reasons we have sustained this war against Israel now since the 1940's, Gingrich said. 

Wasn't this what he said, exactly on his previous life as HITLER?? Jews don't belong in Germany,..
with one big difference,.. Palestinians = Arabs,.. but invented ,..  How about , you dumb fuck , give back the Americas to it's rightful people?? have people forgotten about his Immigration bill?? do you really wana go this way??

and one more ingenious remark from the future President of the USA, or from ALL presidents of the USA ,.
and I am quoting him :
                                 and I have it from FOXNEWS, who were so embarrassed by his statement that they tried to sugar coat it , I said it before,.. with this guy as a friend, Israel, and their fox-news , need no enemy ^_^  

Newt Gingrich declared in an interview that Palestinians are an "invented" people, though his campaign afterward claimed the candidate still supports the establishment of a Palestinian state.
The front-running Republican presidential candidate made the comments in an interview with The Jewish Channel. The interview marks some of the toughest language to date any candidate has used to describe the Middle East peace process. It also comes after Gingrich pledged at a forum earlier in the week that if elected, he would name John Bolton -- a hawkish, pro-Israel former U.N. ambassador who served in the George W. Bush administration -- as his secretary of state.

End of quote,..
Need I say more?? maybe one more thing ,..
By saying what he said , he entirely shot into the heart; dead ,  the resolution that established Israel , dealing the Zionist entity the hardest blow regarding their existence anyone across times have ever dealt them,.. so His office, Fox, Israel Came to the rescue,.. ad to that they discovered a new thing,.. If elected,.. a War will break out ,.. and this will not for sure is in the best interest of Israel ,..

The Response :

As a Response to Gingrich & Romney statements denying the existence of Palestine, I here by declare openly and firmly that the whole of Palestine , and from what they have said is an Arabic land ; for all of it's people, all religions , all faiths ,..
and question the existence of " the United States of America " as the name never existed prior to Americo Vespucii discovering ...the new world
June 1497
, and that the whole land must be handed back to it's original , native people ,.. ^_^




كرد على مرشحي الحزب الجمهوري الأميركي" رومني & قينقريتش " وإنكارهم وجود فلسطين , فإنني أعلن وبوضوح تام , أن فلسطين هي عربية فعلا " كماقالا " وأن صفة شعب إسمه فلسطين لنا نحن نقرر , وقد قررنا , وقررنا أن حدود فلسطين من النهر إلى البحر لكل أهلها بجميع دياناتهم , وأن عليهم بنفس منطقهم الخروج من أمريكا لأنه ليس هناك شعب إسمه أمريكان , وهذا الإسم جديد اطلق بعد إكتشاف "
أمريكو فيتزبوشي
June 1497
لما يسمى العالم القديم
.. فعليهم تسليمها إلى أهلها الأصليين ....

ماأسهل المنطق إذا كان خصمك غبي ... وأحمق ... ^_^

Support PressTV against OfCom, support your right to be heard,

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