Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pan-Faith Standard, you are not me; I hate you

I have visited an Atheist site today m it's funny that their link says " Support Atheists Today "
It's not visible to readers but there within the Link, ... Now , I would understand that this is their choice, but come on, is the pre requisite to been Atheist is being such brainless??

I know they have the right to be whatever they want,.. so why can't they grant that right to others,..
This is some of what I found on their Wall :

Carlos Perez:‎
How do I nicely convince my mom to stop thanking god for her accomplishments?
               and a pic like this :
                                             I won't even say what they named it out of respect, but look up here & here
Sadly this is present in almost all faith, Atheism is a faith too, little they realize and in my opinion is just a way to flee commitment , But is it a faith of hate?? and insensibility? since they believe in since, so is it scientific to reticule , at least the theory that there's a creator, instead for studding it, ??

This is present in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hindo, all and every faith and believe , If you are not with me , then you are against me, and to see how stupid this saying is,.. You only have to look at the guy who said it,.. George W Bush,.. 

and it's been a weapon used through out history, the Americans used Taliban against Iran, Shea against Sunna in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon,.. British used it against Pakistanis and Indians , and still is the weapon of choice if you wana divide and conquer... Bahrain now is a great example

the movement of the people is more peaceful than any other , but still the people of Bahrain have to suffer because them and Iran, share the same faith...

                                                  The Same is true for Syria's case , the casualties between law enforcements in the country is the highest among the countries that had " uprisings " yet .. again
Because Syria is not the closest of allies with USA and Israel,.. the secular mass destruction weapon had to be launched ..

Pope expresses shame for Christian violence in history


This pic below is provided by

Lily Rose‎ a friend of mine on Facebook
In here & here; Lily's Page

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