Monday, January 2, 2012

Again; Human rights struggle is a " Foreign Agenda "

Saudi Arabia has issued a wanted list contained 23 names of Shia Human rights protesters..
Such step will always proceed secular media coverage and hate inciting propaganda by all media in the country, usually the Clerics of the Saudi sect will come out on TV's and Saudi Supported Channels world wide to accuse these people who are derived of their most essential human rights of working a " Foreign Agenda " something all tyrants use to blind fold the truth of the matter , Mubarak did it, so did Salih, and the Tunisian, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia still do it , amongst other countries too ,..

This is very dangerous because in Saudi Arabia death penalty is never off the table, people could get executed for even questioning such step by the government ,.. a preferred execution excuse would be Blasphemy , since the King and the royals Have GOD status bestowed upon them. and Shia in Saudi Arabia are always used as a baton against Iran, and usually they are the ones who suffer whenever USA and Saudi Arabia want to pressure Iran,... Mubarak used that alot, even accused people of the gulf of not being Loyal to their native countries, a statement that would have caused a rift between Saudi Arabia and Mubarak as interference in Local and domestic issues, but the Saudi  Monarchs Blessed Mubarak's claim ,..

Meanwhile , Attacks against Shia and other sects or religions is just an every day " good deed " of whoever follows the Saudi Islamism ,.. Boko Haram of Nigeria, Shabab of Somalia , in Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait , Philippines, Thailand , and everywhere ..

New York Police Department (NYPD) is investigating a rash of Molotov cocktail attacks on a Shia Islamic center and two nearby houses, as a possible hate crimes, Press TV reports.

Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:32AM
Human Rights Watch has called on Saudi Arabia to release scores of political prisoners in the country who have been detained during anti-government protests since last week.

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