Thursday, January 12, 2012

I don't see them as Humans ..

Chris Kyle m a US marine sniper Killed more than 260 Iraqis including women and children, regrets that a child that he wasn't able to kill may come to attack the USA ,..

the Article is supposedly reported by the Time, I couldn't find the link or the article on the Time,.. below you will, as always find links to where I got the pics and some references about the subject ,.. him saying " I do NOT view " Them " as Humans , was removed from most reports and so was the interview ,..

He says he was trained for this, but notice :
he had a book written about his " job "

he documented every hit and kill using state of the art photo technology, see pics
he even copy righted them, shouldn't this be illegal or that the pics are the property of the USA navy?? is it a reward??

Also notice that his reasons for killing women and children are his defense and need to be confirmed,.. but Killing them is a " confession " since he admitted ,.. ^_^

I do NOT care what the USA say to deny their criminal acts in Iraq and in the region , here's why :
- All of these leaked pic, videos, etc were taken by " stupid " operatives who were feeling superior and invulnerable ,.. then was leaked,.. so the smarter more cunning and hateful, the ones that are trained to be so , never took pics,.. never left any evidence >>

so ,... Is this one of the reasons they wanted immunity against prosecution from the Iraq government ?? and they were denied that , because the Iraqis knew the Truth behind the demand ,. 

This is of course is not new, USA troops have been violating Human rights rules where ever they were found ,.. many law suits were brought against them, even in countries such as  Japan, Philippines, Thailand , who are total allies to the USA ,.. they could not take it because it's systematic ,..

and Just to keep up with the flow of these despicable in human acts, here's the latest Chevalier acts by the Gallant and Brave USA troops

In Afghanistan , a video leaked showing marines " Urinating " on dead Afghan bodies ,.. and enjoying it ,.. 


more videos,

255 confirmed kills

 SodaHead article,

القناص الأميركي قاتل الـ 260 عراقياً: لم أنظـر إلى الضحايا بوصفهم بشراً

جندي امريكي: قتلت لوحدي مائتي عراقي بريء

المزيد من يو تيوب

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