Monday, November 21, 2011

World Children Day is Children Killing day in PG


Bahrain: 11 year old girl, Fatima will be prosecuted and face jail charged with " demonistrating agains the Manama regime, the Child's mother has been in Jailed for the same charge

Metal rods, fashoined to be thrown at protesters, many got either killed, or injured, Upper video, lower pic, result,..

National Tv of Bahrain blamed it on the protesters,.. well???

A 16 year old boy was run over by a police marked car until was dead

19 year old, Nasser AlMehashi was shot dead by Saudi special forces for demonstratingm his body is held and will not be delivered to his family unless they admit non responsibility of the killers, which invoked more demonstrations that lead to other deaths

Ali H FilFel was shot dead , Many are in critical conditions, ....

Of course this blog cannot keep up with all developments , for they are around the clock, the region is on a hot volcanic of hate ignited by secular war mongers; Saudi/Bahrini regimes,.. and of course we all know how allies they are to the USA,.. for more news and updates, please see links down, ...

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