Thursday, December 22, 2011

In a Year, a New World is Shaping up

Counter Revolution is a success ; We listened to same explanations Mubark gave for the deaths on Tahrir Square, Gaza Egyptian borders are still closed,.. , the winners of the elections are the Brotherhood who aims at making Egypt a launching ground for " Khilafat " ; Just like the Ottomans'. and ANnour Party?? " Party of Light " a Saudi sect that believes in nothing but carrying out death sentences, chopping of heads, amputation of limbs, lashing and flagging ,.. and all what they see in Islam is away to control people ,..

The USA of course is down with this, because both parties said that they will continue peace with Israel, when where they were allegedly , against Mubarak , the rode the public wave and marked Israel as a hostile occupier .. The public will be watching, but I don't think it's over in Egypt,.. Mubarak is still ruling and the USA is the Puppet master ,..

We are witnessing the Same Mubarak Echos :
demonstrators working a foreign agenda  , the Same number of killings, same methods used to quill people, Same secular segregation, Same ties with Tyrants, such as the Bahraini regime, Calling people traitors,.. and on,... and  on..

Seems to be the most successful revolution in the Arab Spring , good elections, good public participation in real political life,... Even though Bin-Ali seems far away and untouchable under the protection of the Devil's advocate; Saudi Arabia,.. and this is what I fear , they will keep on pressuring the Tunisians always, and leave the door open for a counter revolution ..

Again, Saudi Arabia is controlling this file totally , Salih is well protected by the Persian Gulf Counsel of States, Which is , as, per the initiative by the Saudi king who in the last meeting "3 days a go " of the leaders hoped for a Union . Though public movements seem to have the upper hand, and will come out triumphant.. I fear that there will be more blood shed knowing that the USA and Saudi Arabia had sent troops to Yemen
and that all military power is still in the most part under the control of Salih's loyalists,..
The Nato aka USA controls the country , uses some Arab countries such as Qatar as a tool to arm different factions,.. a very explosive environment ,.. Lots of Weapons under people's control , The USA destroyed defense missile systems that could have been a powerful shield and assets to the new emerging Libyan army,.. tells you who really control the country, for it's really hard to believe that a sovereign nation will destroy their armory and leave the country unprotected
The Killing of Gadhaffi was Bizarre , people think that it was the USA who did it. Contracts to build the country has gone everywhere and most of Libya's wealth will be a foreign owned money for a long long time ,.. The country has transformed completely and is the ideal new base to the USA, because people may not notice this since they will be so into their newly acquired freedom and that they may never help but compare their freedom free live when the Tyrant was in power, and their " free " life now,.. and not notice that the whole future of the nation is NOT in their hands ,.. Tribal conflict, borders, Economy, military issues will always be used against those who will dare accuse the USA and Puppets; NATO, Qatar, Turkey of having set Libya as the new super NATO base in Africa ..

USA troops are "OUT" of Iraq, about 15000 " personnel" left , for training and Embassy help/Guard, as they say , The funny thing is that you always say and hear the Obamans say that , as promised , the USA troops are pulled out from Iraq,.. and the American Public actually are so gullible , ...had heard the news 2 minutes earlier that the Iraqis will NOT allow Amnesty to any USA troops, and that they want them all out,  it wasn't Obama's promise but rather the Iraqis who forced him to come true on that promise , something he would have been so happy to recant on had he been given the Chance .
Another blow to uncle Sam that he received just as the last combatant officer left the country is the terrorism charges brought against one of the closest allies to the USA and Saudi Arabia in Iraq, Malki's " Iraq PM " Vice-Mp, " Iraq has 2 " Tariq AlHashimi ,.. who , faced with the firm witness-evidence packed charges fled to the semi autonomous north, Maliki also fired his second deputy PM,.. and promised more Crack downs on AlQaeda, Saudi/American Backed groups who provide the Kamikaze car bombings drivers fueld by their hate and anger towards all different sects, and the military expertise of Baath " Saddamist " loyalists like AlHashimi who took great use of the new democratic Iraq and had infiltrated into all positions of the political map in Iraq , where they plan, set, and choose targets to assassinate ,..
Retaliation from the killer groups was not far away, the next day , 11 bombs rocked Baghdad , killed dozens and wounded hundreds , just as the Terrorists" the 2 deputy PM's had promised ", which is more evidence for the courts to consider while looking at the terrorism charges brought against them and others ..

Is definitely the player in the region , the new super power, and downing the CIA spy aircraft topped all their status,.. the USA is still puzzled, opened a virtual embassy, Iran uncovered spy rings, uncovered plots against Arab neighbors by the USA who is supposed to be an ally ,..
handed over some of these plots to the Saudis,. they got scared called on a Unified Persian Gulf Sheikdoms united alliance, this could influence the Saudis and the rest of the tyrants of the Persian gulf to re study their plans supporting the US economy by buying more weapons, Commercial airplanes, and money deposits in US banks .. in a couple of days, the Iranian navy will carry out marine drills that will span all over, starting from the Straight of Hormuz all the way to the east ,.. a clear message , and ofcourse many surprises are waiting to be uncovered that will render the USA's efforts to isolate Iran hopeless .

The plot against this secular state, where believe is protected by law, something not one country in the region have has uncovered itself when a leader of the so called " freedom fighters " supported by the USA and publicly arming them through Turkey, some Lebanese factions , such as the Miracle kid of Lebanon, aka " Hariri" and Harirism , and some unlikely allies of the USA like Islamist extremists, along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar,
more than ( until the time this blog was written ) 2000 Syrian peace enforcers were killed, something and a number never seen in all of the "Arab Spring " countries combined , except for Libya which doesn't count since what was going on there was a wide scale armed revolution and war.
After their plot to get a UN resolution to have the NATO involved as it did in Libya,Failed by the Double " Russian, Chinese VITO"  the USA resolved to directly arm terrorists, Many high ranking state and religious figures were killed, cases of state sponsored rape(of "Syrian Refugees women ,.. who were forced and their families not to go back home,.. NO inquiries, were made regarding these crimes by neither the Turkish government nor by the USA, even though some Human rights organizations have expressed real concerns regarding this matter " ) in Turkey where they set camps , used as a cover up to smuggle weapons and militants to groups inside Syria .

Syria responded to that , and since the USA and NATO had failed, they sent their dogs out on Syria,.. ; The Arab League, Syria wisely foiled that attempt too, and the move backfired,.. Syria's support for their leadership is humongous, millions took to the streets against the League, USA, Turkey, Qatar, who seems to be taking the role of the slippers protecting uncle Sam's feet from getting too dirty.

Situation looks very promising, and Syria will come out of this ,a lot more stronger and a lot more powerful..
The drills the Syrian armed forces carried out were a real scare to the Zionist entity, and had halted their blood quest , one of the weapons used was a long ranged missile that landed successfully on a target in Iran , plus testing other highly developed weapons, Russian, Syrian, and Iranian that the Zionists always feared that Syria had them,.. amongst those were the Yachonts marine missiles, and others .
Attempts to flame up sectarian war is never out in this tiny influential country, and with the Powerful Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah in the most part  ; Lebanon is the balancing player in all of the region's political and military map ..

Assault against the French peace keeper mission, Firing rockets by some Saudi/Harirism clans and groups is meant to disrupt the current government and busy Hizbullah from being such a formidable giant against the Zionist entity , and the best way, as it is always the weapon of choice , for the USA and allies is sectarian, division, hate methods ,..

Hizbullah retaliated in some breath taking reactions,.. uncovering American spy rings down to the last officer, Names, meeting places, car types and makes, agents, history, locations, in a manner that the entire American community had to talk about and discuss in media, something the Americans have always worked against , to Keep the public unaware of the capabilities of Hizbullah and that it's not a terrorist group like they would like the people to know,.. shielding them from the true might and real presence of the Lebanese freedom fighters , who have set the stand for all in the region and outside , and one example is them defeating Israel in 2006, which had so many implications on the USA/Israel, and had influenced " The Arab Spring " for the Secretary General of Hizbullah had asked the people of Egypt back when Gaza was under heavy fire from the Zionists to take a stand and reject what the tyrants do against their people of Gaza,
Mubarak, Saudis, Qatari's were , as some Zionist figures said m wanted the war on Lebanon and Gaza to continue until the Fall of Hamas and Hizbullah,..

Yesterday, the New York Times , published an article accusing Hizbullah of getting their money through means of laundering ,.. which shows how much the USA has lost it,..
Haven't they said that Syria and Iran provide financial and military support to the resistance?? and now they spit in their own words and wipe their own faces with it , saying something stupid like this.

This is of course is a stupid way to get back at them since they hit the American spying rings in Lebanon .
so the Americans had fallen as victims to their stupidity and methods of manipulating the public
They are so stupid as not to expect that Hizbullah will not politically retaliate with even some harder blows ..

The head of the former weapon inspection Program , a CIA analyst and officer ;Robert Baer said that Hizbullah counter intelligence body is even more powerful and capable than the KGB.

The Kingdom;(Sheikdom) of Saudi Arabia:
Feuds between the Royals are more evident than ever,(the least of witch is the resignation of prince Talal from the body responsible to appoint the heir to the throne), ailing Monarchs, restless public, Sectarian hate, state sponsored and fueled to safe guard their ruling interests ,.. no rights whatsoever , no freedom, not right to assembly, self expression, the right of choice, no multicultural tolerance, only one group of Islamists rule, anyone who's different could be a project of beheading and branded an enemy to Islam, since the king and  Monarchs always come first , even before God, or the State itself,.. the Official slogan of the Armed forces is " God, King , (then/and) Country "

Many peaceful demonstrators killed recently in the East, more than 100000 activists are in Jail , everything is controlled by the state, not even a private low budget business is allowed without having to be approved by the kings.. they play human rights game with the USA all the time to fend people off what matter the most, for Example they allowed campaigns against not allowing women to drive,.. and people fell for that,..
They needed that to work out their inner problems, and to shield eyes on their presence in Yemen and Bahrain , where they help and assist the tyrant monarchs of Bahrain who are of the Same sect and the same tribe against people's and human rights,.. They kill, provide weapons, expertise, even ship out activists to the mainland to be interrogated and tortured ..Kidnapping of activists by the secret ss Gustavo police of Saudi Arabia.. yes,.. real kidnapping, from the streets, mosques, malls,.. playgrounds,.. everywhere ,.. is used widely these days

It Is without a doubt the Kingdom of Darkness and the very close and personal ally to the USA, yet the USA represent themselves as friends to the people of the region who suffered the most pains out of the Saudis.

Inshort , where ever and whenever hate, killings are present anywhere in both Arabic /Islamic world look for the Saudis, they will always be there, money and physically ,..

A country without a Constitution, and even death penalties are carried out as any Saudi Islamist Judge should decide ,.. lawyers don't matter in these cases,.. you will never know, it's where racism is there everywhere, judges will call black defendant " niggers " if they should dare and contest , it may very well add to their sentences ,..  Death and " Islamic Laws " are manipulated to give them power over all ,..

90% of all terrorist money world wide comes from Saudi Arabia,.. Taliban, Shbab of Somalia, AlQaeda world wide , extremists in Pakistan, India, Philippines, Thailand, everywhere are their children,..

With more than 300000 institutes world wide, even in the USA and Europe, Australia, and Canada, in Africa, and in Asia teach their hateful way of Islamism and sectarian heritage,.. Mosques, worship places of different believes and sects were brought down through out the history of AlSaud inside the country and outside the borders,.. Buddha statues of Bamyan , churches in Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, some different sects mosques and shrines in the Kingdom  itself and outside,.. nothing that doesn't appeal to their hateful taste is safe,.. alive , erected , or even a stone,.. history that doesn't praise them and their way of believe is " Satan doing " ,.. They work for their fellow Tyrants, Mubarak, The Tunisian, the Yemeni,.. the Pakistani, the Lebanese, the Iraqis,.. so long a tyrant sees them as the gods they portray themselves as , they are allies no matter what believe or sect they are from,..  and this is continuing as I write the blog, some parts of the Kingdom are under siege, and plotting against the people and killings continue,.. human rights are a myth in the KINGDOM of Darkness , where nothing is allowed to speak louder than  a thump heard every time a sword Has brought a person head's down ..

Saudi Arabia is really the Nazi Hitler Germany, and even worse,... 

The Killings, Rape, Torture, abuse, and all sorts of inhumane tyrant driven anti human practices continue in the Persian Gulf state, home of a US Naval fleet and under their " Human rights standards "
No one seems human enough to be safe from the killings by the joint forces of hate, the USA/KSA/UAE and the Bahraini forces along with paid mercenaries and newly naturalized foreigners taught that the protesters are infidels who hate god  , the youngest who was killed as the Systematic flooding of homes by some unknown gas bombs that resulted in many deaths , a 5-DAY-old girl , the oldest was over 80 ,..

The Methods of killing used are variant and appalling , domestic tribal weapons, such as fashioned metal rods that killed a 27-year old young woman that the regime refused to allow her family to retrieve the body, and was buried in an unknown, unmarked grave,..

The Regime is relentless in it's blood bath, aided by everything Saudi Arabia got, and under the protection of the American 5th fleet, armed by the support of the UK, who ship them weapons , many of which are unknown and they resulted in many deaths, along side with using police cars as weapons when they run over people,.. shut guns, at some point even airships were used against the activists

The hate propaganda did not go unnoticed by human rights orgs,. but still going on in a hate campaign in every media outlet the regime and the Saudi have under their wings,..
the Situations in Saudi Arabia is well flamed up, and no telling what would the future look like, but the people are determined to live freely, practice their lives and believes the way they choose to do so ,... but still the USA, UK , Turkey, are siding by the killer regimes of the Persian Gulf states ,.. a stupid message to convince people that the USA is concerned about human rights, actually these days, saying the USA is human rights oriented country is considered a sick joke especially with their unlimited unwavering supports to these regimes that kill people, destroy their worship places, and with what's going on in the USA itself and all that public awakening and the 99% movements world wide,..

The USA will be hit real hard, especially economy wise, since most of their money comes from arm deals and tech,.. it is affected by the downing of the most advanced technology ever created in the world by Iran,..
and will be affected through their military presence in the region ...
People now see that these tyrants exist because the USA support them , just like when it was when the mighty " then " Britain brought them to power and used them against the Turks, they have connected that " democracy " in the definition of Uncle Sam, means allowing the Zionist entity to whore around unchallenged , and that a tyrant m according to uncle Sam, and a terrorist is whoever dare and Shows the Zionists their true size,.. states and groups like, Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, and Hamas ,..

Democracy doesn't matter if everything runs, militarily, and economically the way the USA desires ,...

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