Sunday, January 29, 2012

Russia Has waken up to the USA plots, Finally

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov 

Russia has never taken any political stand as personal as it takes the "International assault on Syria "
But it seems that no one reads or even think,
and I mean those who are plotting against Syria ,..
The Position of Syria, both Strategic and political is Russia's " existence and power " in the middle east,..
Therefore Syria has always been targeted By entities in the region that plead allegiance to the USA ..
There isn't a single country in the region that has such a high  level of military coaporation besides Syria
But one thing is more important to consider than others in this case
Russia needs Syria, more than Syria would ever need Russia
and this is not just saying ,..
Russia had done some stupid moves in the past regarding their relationship
with Syria and Syria's toughest ally , Iran
Nuclear plants, not selling them weapons, interference in other bordering countries,.. and many other instances ,,
Russia had tried so many times to find other allies in the region
but the USA always foiled that , .. Yemen, Nasser's Egypt, even Israel; were
headings to the Russian political and military presence compass,..
Russia has gained a lot from the region,
for example, just after the assault on Lebanon by I*rael and the " WWII scale " of destruction of Beirut , 2006 had ended where Hizbullah came out triumphant ; Russian arms sale rose by a staggering 30%, because of the way the Islamic resistance used the Russian weapons ,.

as for the Plots against Syria
Russia has took one of the strongest stands it had to take ever
against the Arab League's decision to suspend its observer mission
because it clearly saw that the USA is behind it 100%
and it's a part of " The missile shield " that Russia suspiciously monitors
because it will make Russia so surrounded that none of it's long range missile defense system is usable outside The borders; off international allied bases ..

Russia has learned the lesson,..
They cannot stop arm sales to Iran/Syria, for they know that Iran will have them from somewhere else, and even manufacture them, which is more harmful to the economy of the Russians and technology ,..
There's a lot more at stake here ,.. Gas, oil, passage to international waters
bases,.. etc,..

Under pressure from the USA and Is*eal they provoked many deals with Iran and Syria to sell them arms, especially defense missile systems,..
Iran had those and gave some to Syria ,..

They don't need them for most of everything now, They can build their own nuclear plants, build state of the art technology , the magnitude of this ability was being able to seize unscratched the most advanced tech toy the USA got " RQ-170"
and the building of the many nuclear sites , for research or/and medical use

to Russia now, Syria is a matter of existence and survival,.. and they took it even further questioning the position of the AL dessication ,.. and seeing it as a direct assault on them ,..
The Arab League was so stupid to take this move,..
and the USA has really lost it allowing them to go ahead with it ,..
Because it's exactly what they will come to regret for Russia now got the most logical excuse to use VITO against any planned international intervention in Syria, political or military ,..

here's what Russia says now :

Links :
Russia slams AL decision on Syria
Iran to unveil naval surveillance aircraft
Iran develops new cyber defense model

The RQ-170 Capture by Iran Marks the End of the USA Empire

Clashes of The Intellects, counter Intelligence ...

One way out of USA Debt is a War in the region ???


Friday, January 27, 2012

Abducting Iranian Pilgrims In Syria, Why???

The photo shows the five Iranian engineers kidnapped in the Syrian city of Homs on December 21, 2011. The second man on the right is their Syrian cook.

and Now??

An image from a video posted on the internet on January 26, 2012, showing the Iranian pilgrims held hostage by armed gangs in Syria. 

More Kidnappings and abductions:
A group of armed militants have attacked an Iranian bus on the road connecting the capital, Damascus, to the northwestern city of Aleppo, Press TV reported.

The incident occurred on Thursday when a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims was stormed by unidentified gunmen.
The assailants kidnapped 11 men and drove off to an unknown destination, leaving the female passengers in the vehicle.
The gunmen contacted the relatives of a kidnapped passenger in Tehran, confirming the abduction of the Iranian nationals and demanding a ransom.

The First reason that comes to mind as to what was behind these kidnapping is " pressuring Iran " and the Iranian Pubic ,..

But, everyone knows that this is the definition of impossible; The whole of Iran will not back down
and who did this is kinda an alien to the Moslim/Arab/Persian Pride; it's one and the Same by the way ,.
People in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are being killed everyday, the whole world is watching and saying nothing, women and children are being violated with the help of British and American " torture/well-Breakage experts ,.. but, the people are as firm as ever and are more determined.

so why are  these kidnappings and what are they meant to accomplish???!!!!

I think That the whole thing is to do two things :
1-send a message that Syria is not safe, hit the tourism industry in it's heart
This usually works for foreigners and leisure tourists, but will NEVER work for Religious tourists,..
One Example is Iraq where alQaeda supported by the Saudis Killed/Kidnapped hundreds of pilgrims from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, and the rest of the world,.. bu that didn't stop them ,..another point to consider looking at the possibility that whoever was behind these kidnappings is an alien to the region ,.. or at least to it's culture and believe .... which takes us to ...

2-To discredit the Videos The Syrian government aired of terrorists slaughtering people, violating their dead bodies, Planted evidence,.. staging death  scenes just like a movie stage would be ,.. and a lot more
They even exposed members of the so called " Free Syrian Army " who claimed to be of active service and ran away, it showed them a month or so earlier as teachers, grocers, convicted villains and as such ,..

and That's why the video showing The Iranians saying that " they are members of the Iranian military ", Iran and Syria retaliated swiftly and showed them at work at some different time intervals which hit the plan in it's core and discredited the abductors stories, and proved that these were forced false statements ,..

A picture published by German magazine Stern shows a Free Syrian Army terrorist facing abducted Iranian nationals, which the terrorists claim to be IRGC members
"The writing in Arabic is meant to hit a sectarian nerve " ,.. more of what would an international intelligence agency would do ,.. Iranian Shias are kidnapped by hero sunnis ,.. got CIA/Mossad written all over it.
A file photo showing five Iranian engineers kidnapped in Syria. The 2nd man on the right is their Syrian cook.

and Note the figures of the engineers,.. is that how you would picture or view a member of the elite combatant Highly trained, special forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards ??? absolutely not ,.. 

Why don't I think that these kidnappings are not for ransom " needed money " for example??
That's the cover of the book of the plot ,.. so if some money came out of it,.. they will take it ,..
but why then show the face of one of the Kidnappers ?? go back to number two ,..
It's a message ,.. we are in control,.. we are brave, and don't forget about the Sectarian aspect of it,..
They don't want international Media to picture the masked alQaeda who slaughtered Americans on TV,
to start connecting the two groups, and say,.. hey,.. these are those ,.. these are terrorists ,..
and what backs this up, is that ,.. these pics were first published by a German News paper,..
meaning ???????????? it was meant for audiences out side the region,. it is meant for Europeans and Americans ,..

Syrian Youths in English, Facebook
Syria our Soul, YouTube
Terrorists' confessions to heinous Crimes , YouTube

PressTV,.. OfCom is Tyrant
Syria Tube, Facebook

Anonymous International and Facebook

The group "Anonymous " Has denied that they are going to shut down Facebook
and said it would be illogical to shut down a social network that activists use
which is really common sense,.. and I really do not understand that people thought that would be true

but I understand why people were confused because a member of the group was the one who promised as such stupid statement ,..

"Anonymous " is a "Free internet , Privacy " advocate , and that is a taboo in some countries
or most countries, therefore " Anonymous " is targeted 24/7

for more information , here's what " I think " is them :

Their Facebook, soon to be retired
Their Facebook Group; Active
Their Blogspot,..News ONLY



Welcome, Anonymous!,..

InternetPrivacy/حماية على الإنترنت
if you are going to use our images at least link to our discussion board. - anongroup.

( What are you talking about?? are  you sure you are "Anonymous" , and I don't mean the name you used on my blog,.. )
Have you checked the links provided??
I have posted every link the original supplier provided, I have links even to " Anonymous's " facebook that could be expired now "

and " What is this Us thing " ???
and one more thing,.. do not act stupid and say that the links were added after you posted the comment, because I would ask " Why Hadn't you provided any link of " us " ,..???? in your comment post ,..

 and what do you mean using " Your " pics??? it's got " in addition " to the link I got it from, the Url of the blog ??

Have you got certain issues ???

on this blog there's EVERY link of " Anonymous " That I found ,..
and common sense says : " that if I am talking about " Anonymous " I don't use pics of Tom & Jerry ,.. 
Commenting in Blogger is disabled sometimes, that's why I replied within the blog itself ,..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

USA army is the most ethical in the world !!!

Voices: Hotel Two Six Crazyhorse One Eight
Oh, Yeah Look at those dead bastards

Everytime you listen to an American politician, Military, intelligence officer, Media broadcaster
you always hear that the USA army is the most ethical
so Obviously you ask , so what are all these leaked information, media, and testimony on global abuses by them world wide, in every area they were ever present ??
The answer is always , these are individuals who were taken to court and had to pay ,..
but ...
is this really true??

Photo: Soldiers urinating on Dead Afghan bodies ,.
In Arabic we have a proverb : Know whom ever you wish to know by knowing their best of friends (allies )

so , who are the best of the best of friends of the USA ???
Saudi Arabia for example?
Where human rights is Taboo itself
where people have no right what soever ,
Where the Royals are Gods
Where the Incubator of sectarian hate and the fuel that keeps it a life
Where Taliban and AlQaeda , soon to be USA allies since they initialized talks with them , were hatched , raised and fed all the hate necessary to carry on the killings everywhere they could reach.
Where (Now ) human rights activists and people marching and demanding their basic human needs are accused of working a hostile foreign agenda , and are branded drug addicts, and common criminals .
Where people are jailed indefinitely , with no trials and no nothing, since there's no constitution at all ..


Is it Bahrain where people are killed daily and where Saudi Arabia is occupying the tiny Island in support of their cousin Tyrants , who left nothing of the Criminal identity they represent that wasn't flagged out
Rape, torture, assassination, women, children as young as 6 days and as old as 80+ lost their lives and still do, today only 6 people were killed, while the USA That got the 5th fleet stationed there said nothing ,..


Is it the Zionist Entity , where we could see clearly who Hitler was
or,.. Eras Like , Mubarak's, Zain of Tunisia, and Salih of Yeman ??

is being ethical means that you associate with these Killer Tyrants ??

Let those who still say that the USA army is the most Ethical , answer these few questions :

Q1: Was it the USA army who uncovered the disgrace of Abu Ghraib, Iraq??
It wasn't , it was unwillingly leaked from the Cams that was used to " document " torture and used to train operatives ,..
Keep in mind that Abu Ghraib is not a building like they want you to think, It's a vast military area closed to anyone even to Iraqi military and used as a CIA base , the area is as big as Manhattan ..
so everything there was known to everyone in that area ,
How about high ranking officials who visited all the time??, weren't they allowed there?? was it off limit to Powell , Chaney and others

so all of these photos, videos, documents were leaked, either by the perpetrators themselves accidentally
or by an individual or individuals unknown,.. but Never officially by a probe or investigation by the Army or the administration ,.. which means that someone who questioned the methods used had a heart or a grudge so they leaked the info ...

Q2: How many of those were punished accordingly ? Last case was a day ago, and the guy was only depromoted to Private , and a 2 year sentence that may not be carried out whole ,.. but nothing was given to the families of those he killed " Shoot first and ask questions later " 10's died in a couple of hours just because his company had to listen to him..

Q3: If indeed those were punishments and/or programs, meant to educate soldiers , wouldn't these crimes be happening less ?? but of course we need a reference to see that it actually did or didn't ,..
NO official numbers released by the military or Administration ,.. what does that tell you ??
They do NOT want you to know , What they KNOW,.. meaning they know , and they approved everything ... why not expose everything then ????!!!
Photo: Iraqi family with dead loved ones pleading the soldiers not to kill the rest of them

Q4:Who are the soldiers and What are they fighting for???
USA had reverted to the Roman era , where soldiers are mercenaries paid to fight , or forced to fight
People who want a citizenship, want money for education, and holly warriors who are trigger happy and were taught by FOX and it's like that these are barbaric creatures that need to die, a Good arab is a dead Arab,..

These questions and many , many more ,.. will hit them back ,..
Nothing was done for the victim, no compensations ,.. no nothing

for example,.. how many of these soldiers was " acting withing the military guide lines " when they acted and were either acquitted , given a slap on the wrest , or even promoted with honor ??

In a survey of U.S. troops in combat in Iraq, fewer than half of Marines and a little more than half of Army soldiers said they would report a member of their unit for killing or wounding an innocent civilian.

More than 40 percent support the idea of torture in some cases, and 10 percent reported personally abusing Iraqi civilians, the Pentagon said Friday in what it called its first ethics study of troops at the war front. Units exposed to the most combat were chosen for the study, officials said. ..........Continue from Source ,..

a Trained Ethical Army would entirely say that they would report everything ,..


United States war crimes,




 MsnBc , Survey,..


Large numbers of people have turned up for angry demonstrations in Afghanistan after US-led forces in the war-wracked country burned copies of the Holy Qur’an, Press TV reports. Feb 21/2012,..

US Soldier Kills 16 Afghan Civilians including Children, Women,..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Obama's corroded Ironclad

That's what he said on the Issue of Iran's Peaceful Nuclear program " I will take nothing of the table "
What does that mean ??
Some say that he wants war and promising a strike ,..
more Obama wise say that it's what he's been doing ever since he campaigned for the White House
Talking and not delivering ,..
But is this really smart???
I mean to promise a war at this period ant time??
or promise and not deliver ??
Maybe that's what the Name Obama means ,.
Full of it,.

Obama knows that without the fall of Syria and Hizbullah
he could never lay a finger on an Iranian soil
and to over throw Asad , and Hizbullah , he Must make sure that Iran is crippled
so it's kinda which should come first ,..
and a chance for Obama to be remembered as the one who solved the ever challenging dilemma
Was it the Egg first or was it the Chicken ,.. and tell us if their was a roaster at the beginning

He also Said that :
“Our ironclad commitment -- and I mean ironclad -- to Israel's security has meant the closest military cooperation between our two countries in history.” 

oh, well
had no one told Obama yet that "Iron " does corrode , and that it's not the toughest mineral on Earth??|
or maybe he knew, but couldn't afford anything stronger;
Giving the facts that he's over whelmed by debts , and cannot afford any stronger fist
or that he lended the stronger fist to Tyrants like those of the Kingdoms of Darkness; Saudi Arabia 
and... Bahrain ,.. which explains how Rabbis they are going after peaceful demonstrators seeking their basic human rights and Democracy ,..

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