Friday, December 23, 2011

The Deadly Triangle was behind the suicidal car Bombs in Iraq and Syria


44 Martyred and 166 Injured , more Info and Graphical pics here,. please be cautious, real graphical and disturbing images 


leaving 72 people dead and 217 others fatally wounded, More Graphical Images here,.. 

Questions and .... more,

1-The USA had pulled out from Iraq a couple of days a go
2-USA has called upon the Syrian oppositions to use arms against the state, as Clinton's stated.
3-Syria is receiving the Arab League's appointed Inquiry body to investigate after the USA had failed in the UN to support the terrorists due to the double VITO used by Russia and China ,..
4-An Iraqi deputy minister to the PM was charged with terrorism ,.. he and his party promised deadly retaliations
5-This deputy minister is an ally to the USA/Saudi Arabia and a Baathist Saddamist.
6-The timing is very crucial,.. No condemnation is heard from any of the Arab League members , other than that of Lebanon.. and maybe a couple others I didn't know about ,.. But definitely , not from The Saudis , Qataris Emarati's, Egyptians ,.. 
and no comments or reports from the Investigative committee of the Arab League that was there at the time of the explosions in Syria, and no comments ..

Who's behind these Explosions ???

In Iraq Case , it was " officially " Politically motivated as a result of the terrorism charges brought against the Deputy PM ; Tariq AlHashimi who fled to the semi autonomous Kurdish North ,

The other Deputy PM was also fired by the PM, he's also a Saddamist Baathist, who vowed to retaliate, both of them are accused of supporting terrorism , and that terrorists, as per their confessions took the command directly from them ,..

In Syria's Case, they were "Officially " the work of AlQaeda,..
The Syrian FM said that they received warnings from Lebanon of known AlQaeda operatives who had infiltrated through the borders ,..

AlQaeda of course was also present in Iraq, Zerqawi, for example, who was an American/Jordanian double agent got recruited by Taliban when he was attached to the CIA in Afghanistan, and he played both ways

The Love Triangle :

Alqaeda; a hateful Saudi sect Islamist who believe that any " Muslim " who doesn't follow thieir way is a Pagan and must die,.. They hate Shias Sunnis ,..and all other sects of Muslims ,  they believe in war and killings , and their ideology commands them to go and travel wherever a " Kafiroon " are present, a term used to describe " All of the others who are not of their sects,, Muslims or any other religion or believe " 

Their Ideology of death make them the perfect weapon, and their hate is the fuel that keeps them active ,..

The Saddamist Baathists : also known as members of Saddam's intelligence services and secret police; they know Iraq, people, sects, routes, they know the entire map of Iraq, people and land .

The USA: Got the Tech, and power, and Saudi Arabia got the money and future suicidal who are ready to explode themselves and dine with angels in heaven because they Killed Infidels; " anyone who's not of their sect ",.. and they are backed by the approval and blessing of the Saudi clergy and religious establishment, and their orders or Fatwas are all too well known to everyone ..

The Plot:

so, The Saudis provide the Driver bombers, and Money, Alqaeda receive those , uncle Sam provide the techs and the weapons which the Saudis pay for,.. and you get the deadliest combination of a group ever existed on the face of the planet ,..

The USA wants Asad down, and the means they use to accomplish such thing is well known through out the world, and they want to show the Iraqis that they shouldn't have asked them out,.. and the prove is that these suicide bombs are always present whenever it's convenient to the USA ,.. 


Iraq's Car Bombs
 Syria's Car Bombs


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