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The proposed PG Union, Dead already

The Union proposed by the King of Saudi Arabia on the last meeting of the GCC " Gulf Cooperation Counsel "
that took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last week , is something that took everyone by surprise,.. despite a 30 year old coalition to be , GCC was nothing but a burden to the nations of the Persian Gulf, It achieved nothing , everything failed, unified Currency because the Saudis wanted the HQ to be in Saudi Arabia, something the Emaratis didn't like,..
Border issues, between the states themselves;
other than Bahrain , who's considered a Provence of Saudi Arabia, all other states had faced border problems with the Saudis, and still do ,..

The Islamist laws that the Saudis impose do not appeal to the rest of the other Gulf States ..

Freedom , Democracy is not existent in Saudi Arabia, where in Kuwait people tumble the Government and not get killed for doing so , like what Bahrain is doing right now with the total support from the Saudis and the Americans

In short, despite of what the leaders and some people say, there's absolutely nothing in common between these states,..

Why was this proposal  then??

            The Arab Spring and the revolutions in the Arab world, including those in Bahrain and inside Saudi Arabia itself,.. but this is really hard , for me at least , to accept,. because if , or not the GCC was transformed into a Union, got nothing to do with the whole issue,.. the Issue , here, is freedom, and democracy, as long as the people of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are derived from their rights, they will continue their civil movements, and soon enough the entire People of the region will join them ..

for this argument is the proposal by the leaders of the GCC that Jordan, Yemen, and Morocco join in the alliance ,.. all as you know are facing public pressures, human rights struggle and democracy uprisings
and turn the GCC into Club Monarchy ,..
This is also not feasible, Saudi Arabia wants to dominate, they all know it, and will not fall for it, plus the facts that culture and minimal available freedom in these countries is more far advanced than the Cave aged culture of the Saudi regime,..

and to make this proposal more of a mythology , came the secretly recorded call between the Qatari PM, and some unknown party, where he promised that the Saudi Regime, will be brought down by Qatar, and that both the USA and the UK had asked for their help to get rid of the Saudi Regime as soon as possible
Qatar to overthrow Saudi regime: clip, ..

Soooo Much for the Union to be,.. ^_^

أصبح واضحا الآن لكل صاحب منطق هدف قناة الجزيرة وقطر
وأصبح من المحتم معاملة هذه القناة وأسيادها كعملاء للصهاينة
بعد أن وصل إعتراف القيادة السياسية القطرية بضلوعهم في مؤامرة إنقلابية يقودونها ضد السعودية

وتشرف عليها أمريكا وبريطانيا , هذا الأمر الذي كان واضحا لي شخصيا ولكثير غيري
وهو أمر يستحيل تنفيذه إذا لم يكن في داخل الأسرة الحاكمة في السعودية من تبناه فعلا وهو جزء من هذه الخطة الإنقلابية
يعني هذا الأمر يستحيل في جميع منطق الثورات والإنقلابات إذا لم يكن قد تهيأ له من فترة طويلة

جيش يحميه , وقيادة بديلة قوية يرضاها الشعب , حتى تمنع الثورة من قبل الشعب
وهذا لا يكون إلا إذا كان هناك جزء قوي معروف لدى الشعب من العائلة المالكة السعودية ضمن هذا المخطط


Qatar to overthrow Saudi regime, ..
More videos,..

مكالمة سرية لحمد وزير خارجية قطر وهو يعترف بالتأمر على السعودية

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