Best Apps,Security برامج رائعة للحماية

Here's a list of sites that got all FREE apps for your computer . safe, free  and does the job in most cases better than those you would pay for, If you want some advice or a recommendation , just ask

1-Best recommended stand alone antivirus

2-Best all in all computer security app
and don't forget to check their other awesome apps too.
such as "Comodo Dragon " the Browser

3- Anti censorship app for Saudi's since it's pretty likely that soon enough that we will be required to obtain a permission if we wanted to take a shit

Stable Version

Beta Version

4-Best recommended IPBlocker/ port defender (only 80, 443 ) internet ports
Get the blocklists from :,

be careful and add them only one list at the time, some lists may cause your Internet connection to fail m and only use the list you need, in default the program loads P2P defence

more to come: