Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gaza has learned the Lesson

                                                     I still think that Hamas has really sealed the deal to swap Palestinians with Shalit,was premature, especially after what came out recently that the two soldiers captured by the Lebanese resistance were killed by Israeli raids on Beirut on the war of 2006, other than the facts that Shalit is a combatant soldier who was captured in his tank with it's nozzle was aimed at children of gaza, all Palestine were kidnapped from their homes and land and all are civilians, and he already stirred a movement inside Israel for his release and had put so much pressure on other soldiers .

                                                   Natneyaho as always, name in Arabic suggests " the all skunk and filthy " m escapes from public pressure within Israel to bombing Gaza and tighten siege on the west bank m it paid him well most of the times, so today with the re ignited public demonstrations for a " better life " in Israel, of course they don't mean that of the Native people of Palestine since they are just like Hitler want it a " Jewish state " which is actually very funny and stupid...

  Is Judaism a race or a faith??
    and even so, NOT all Jews, in Fact? most Jews don't recognize the state of Israel and believe it's against Torah.
so  just saying that only those who are Jews are allowed to live in this state is preposterous , and if they say it's a race, this is all wrong as everyone says, they are not a race , and even if they were, which totally against any scientific, historical, and anthropology arguments , it's plain baseless claim.

     anyway, so Netenyahu decides to bomb Gaza escaping from the unrest , since last time they stopped and moved away from streets, so why not create the same situation and get the same results..

           But, he was very Painfully surprised; for the first time ever, the retaliation was quick, hard, and effective, the raids killed at least 10 Gazans, injured dozens,.. the retaliation caused more than 1000000 people to stay hidden in fallout shelters, at least one death, and an unknown number of casualties.

          He then runs to Egypt and ask for a seize fire and a truce , Palestinians agree immediately  and deal him another smart blow, he couldn't take it, hits again and more deaths ,..

           Why would he do that???
I think that he thought that he could drive a wedge between Egypt and Gaza and besides the reason mentioned above he delays the ease of blockage of Gaza from the Egyptian side,. but he lost. He will continue of course , but the question is ,.. does Israel really want a war in the region that countries like Iran, Syria, and groups like Palestinians, Lebanese resistance really are waiting for,.. YES, I really think that they are waiting anxiously for that coming war, with more super surprises installed for Israel.
Air strikes on Gaza, search link

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