Sunday, October 30, 2011

Syria is "Definetly" Staging Regime Support Rallies!

To hate someone is something very personal, but to ask people to hate them, is something else

                        I wanted to right this blog about the pro Regime rallies in Syria, 100's a million + rallies were everywhere ,I was surprised when I tried search engines, first of all , plz take a look at this link, and then pause for a second, ..
What defines a pro/anti regime rally?? and should we always brand pro regime rallies as some events orchestrated by security and regime supporters?? ,

    I would say ; two things:

                          1-Weather or not Weapons are used, and the numbers of course, since we are talking democracy here.
more security officers, public figures, religious stands were killed in Syria by " democracy " seeking " millions" than in any Arab Spring movement,..
                         2-Balance of coverage , and multi source news feeds on these particular issues.
Arab Mass media, and others, CNN, France24, AlArabiya, AlJazeera, .. all have failed as " professional media source" ..
I have clearly noticed that search results on search engines, mainly operated in the USA is one sided ..
and I have noticed this only too many times to dismiss it as just search engine reaction to site feeds and popularity, for Example : the Killing of Palestinian boy; Muhammad AlDorrah, has stirred so much anger at the Israelis that they tried so hard to pin this on Palestinians, built totally new sites dedicated to this effort .

                  The reason for doing so is , I think, is That the video was too impossible to remove from the internet
so, like always, use it to launch another " side battle " co confuse those who seek the truth, and make busy those who do know the truth defending the truth and reality of the message .

            The Same thing again Happens with regards to Syria; why , for example is it that Mass media in USA/Persian Gulf states do NOT focus on the crack down on Bahrain, and peaceful protesters in the Sheikdom , why not shed light on the atrocities they and their supporter and life-line; the regime of Saudi Arabia, who was behind 9/11, the creation of Taliban, AlQaeda, the regime that waged a war against Iran for almost a decade and payed all and beyond what they could to support " USA war efforts , everywhere " . The regime that DOES NOT believe in human rights and think that it's the work of the devil, the regime that lashes women for wanting to drive, where minorities are under constant threats, go no equal opportunities in life, politics, and are 3rd class aliens always accused of working a foreign nation agenda,. a card always used by by haters to alienate the righteous; Bosnia, Rwanda, South Africa, ethnic minorities every where, and even against the Jews in Europe .

So ?? who has millions of supporters, President Assad, who was lawfully elected by the  people, but you don't see any mention of this on the 10o'clock news, or a secular movement headed by people who think that minorities should not have any say on any public matters of  the country, supported, living in the Kingdom of Darkness, aka; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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