Sunday, January 29, 2012

Russia Has waken up to the USA plots, Finally

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov 

Russia has never taken any political stand as personal as it takes the "International assault on Syria "
But it seems that no one reads or even think,
and I mean those who are plotting against Syria ,..
The Position of Syria, both Strategic and political is Russia's " existence and power " in the middle east,..
Therefore Syria has always been targeted By entities in the region that plead allegiance to the USA ..
There isn't a single country in the region that has such a high  level of military coaporation besides Syria
But one thing is more important to consider than others in this case
Russia needs Syria, more than Syria would ever need Russia
and this is not just saying ,..
Russia had done some stupid moves in the past regarding their relationship
with Syria and Syria's toughest ally , Iran
Nuclear plants, not selling them weapons, interference in other bordering countries,.. and many other instances ,,
Russia had tried so many times to find other allies in the region
but the USA always foiled that , .. Yemen, Nasser's Egypt, even Israel; were
headings to the Russian political and military presence compass,..
Russia has gained a lot from the region,
for example, just after the assault on Lebanon by I*rael and the " WWII scale " of destruction of Beirut , 2006 had ended where Hizbullah came out triumphant ; Russian arms sale rose by a staggering 30%, because of the way the Islamic resistance used the Russian weapons ,.

as for the Plots against Syria
Russia has took one of the strongest stands it had to take ever
against the Arab League's decision to suspend its observer mission
because it clearly saw that the USA is behind it 100%
and it's a part of " The missile shield " that Russia suspiciously monitors
because it will make Russia so surrounded that none of it's long range missile defense system is usable outside The borders; off international allied bases ..

Russia has learned the lesson,..
They cannot stop arm sales to Iran/Syria, for they know that Iran will have them from somewhere else, and even manufacture them, which is more harmful to the economy of the Russians and technology ,..
There's a lot more at stake here ,.. Gas, oil, passage to international waters
bases,.. etc,..

Under pressure from the USA and Is*eal they provoked many deals with Iran and Syria to sell them arms, especially defense missile systems,..
Iran had those and gave some to Syria ,..

They don't need them for most of everything now, They can build their own nuclear plants, build state of the art technology , the magnitude of this ability was being able to seize unscratched the most advanced tech toy the USA got " RQ-170"
and the building of the many nuclear sites , for research or/and medical use

to Russia now, Syria is a matter of existence and survival,.. and they took it even further questioning the position of the AL dessication ,.. and seeing it as a direct assault on them ,..
The Arab League was so stupid to take this move,..
and the USA has really lost it allowing them to go ahead with it ,..
Because it's exactly what they will come to regret for Russia now got the most logical excuse to use VITO against any planned international intervention in Syria, political or military ,..

here's what Russia says now :

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