Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Turbulent Week

This Week is so full of news 
here's just some points, later will expand on some issues

1-Israel has again pirated two humanitarian aid ships pound to Gaza in international waters.
2-Erdogan, breaks his promise on sending the Turkish navy to safeguard the envoy to Gaza, and draws back his demand that Israel apologies for killing the 9 tu...rks, instead " an Arab diplomat says to a news paper, he is moving troops to southern Turkey , to squeamish with the Syrians, Create a buffer zone and send in the Syrians he has been training for the past 2 years, start a war with Syria and then enlists the help of NATO,.. you would understand this because I said something regarding this matter on the USA accusation of Iran that they attempted to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador 

3-The Bahraini King visits Egypt in his army uniform, visits Mubarak in Hospital, orders his personal German Doctor to attend to him, accompanied by the American and French ambassadors with the representative of the Israeli embassy in Jordan and the secretary of their embassy in Cairo,... the anti revolution in Egypt has succeeded, and the people lost, because if anyone is as naief as to believe that Hamad went their without the proper consent from Saudi Arabia and the orders of the white house, is just brainless ..

4-Iran produces some amazingly hard evidence linking the USA to terror plots in Iran and the region, including the plot that over threw the Emir of Qatar,.. " this part is is my own source , so I donno if they will present this yet " 

5-The USA stupidly Warns/Calls on the " Syrians " not to take the opportunity of the GENERAL Amnesty offer by president Bashar granted to those who would hand down their weapons and come forward , including, smugglers, dealers, traders m provided that they got no blood on their hands,.. you would only understand this order by the USA if you think that those people have a lot to explain and shed light on the total American supply of money, weapons and intelligence for some terrorist attacks that left a 1000 security officers dead, the biggest number of military personnel of all countries of the Arab spring,.. and yet , we still hear something about peaceful demonstrations ... 
6-Bahraini military beat to death an elderly man in his 70's, father of AlWifaq opposition party, and claim he died of natural causes,.. pools of blood suggest otherwise ,..and Attack people on the Funeral and wake.

7-Hajj season under the authority of the Notorious IM Naif of Saudi Arabia, now crown prince is again an occasion to sent out threats to Iran and minorities in the kingdom, and a pressure on Pilgrims not to discuss any matters other than Hajj rituals,.. a strategy always used by Saudis to blind fold people and stop them from realizing the exact reasons Hajj was ordered, to spread knowledge , discuss issues of humanity, and reach out to others in need .

8-The 99% movement is taking huge momentum, Greece , I think will have a great impact on it, and Italy will be the one that takes it all across Erupe, only in a more confrontational way with authorities ..
9-Aoun of Lebanon delivers a draft to the Lebanese Parliament asking for immunity to the people sided with Israel and worked in what was called , Lebanese southern Army during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, before Hizbullah kicked them out in 2000..and had fled inside Israel since.

10-Salih is still defiant as ever, and the Yemeni movement is growing stronger, a civil war ?? the atmosphere is surly alarming.UK trains Yemeni forces to quill the public, and the USA still flies UAV,.. why???

11-The USA has put more effort to their " aerial " presence on Somalia, why?? Safe guarding their new bases in Ethiopia, Yemeni coastal line, and the Empty Quarter of the Arab Peninsula .

12-China calls on a dialogue on the issues of the middle east, including Iran's nuclear program , and will not accept any sanctions on Lebanon if the funding of the Lebanese Tribunal was not passed by the Lebanese, and will not accept any interference in Syria, and applaud them fro accepting the Arab League's " Plan " .

13-Is Israel pushing for a war against Iran??? who will be the catalyst or what?? Does Iran want it?? or waiting for it, more surprises installed for who ever would be the proxy of that war.
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