Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Does McCain have Grey Cells????

 It's either that or that they were inside his arm and he lost it when he got injured in the War

This is what he said Facing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Gen. Martin Dempsey,:

Is this guy for real??, How come the Republicans even allowed him to lead against Obama
, Reducing troops was a main campaigner for Obama's presidential race, so does he really think that by being so stupid that he could affect the already plunging polls of Obama??
and Leon Panetta ate him up , he Said: It's " Iraq " is a free independent, sovereign state, and they decided that they will not grant immunity for any troops left in Iraq after the end of the agreed upon period, are we supposed to force them??
It's this kind of mentality that drives both parties, just try to throw it on your opponent face even if you have to swallow your shit to spit it at them

But I think McCain was just following the guidelines of his own party; non of the parties now want to talk about economy, and such issues that are hot on the street, so they have to bring up something else to the fighting ring, and that is Iraq,.. but again, Obama has got this issue cashed on his table, so why the Republicans try to cheat it out of him??

It's the Scenario that they are trying to direct in the region starting with that stupid claim of an assassination plot by Iran on the Saudi Ambassador to the USA

They need money, to replace the bases that they lost in Iraq, try to lure the stupid Saudis into a war with Iran
Make them ask that they need American troops in Saudi Arabia visible to everyone, control the Saudi airspace so that the Israelis can bomb Iran's Nukes facilities
Pretty Harry potter scenario, but they got nothing to loose, since their plots against Syria is no longer active, and that the Islamic resistance in Lebanon and Gaza are getting stronger, and that Israel existence is really in question

Politico, Video, the debate

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