Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Preparing the Turks for the War ???

The old rule " divide to conquer " is very well alive as ever, for it is a universal fact that since borders were set ; there will always be conflict and since human race is a cocktail of race, ethnicity, believe, color, tongues,.. etc,.. etc there will not be a problem with whoever wants to conquer to use as many differences as available to fuel differences and ignite hate,..

                                      Use borders to flame panstate conflict, and use faith for inner state wars,.. Use minorities against majorities, or the other way around , depending on who's your favorite of the two..
Give turkey something to make it feel important and forget about the EU,.. like Syria for example, especially after the two countries looked like they were going to establish an economical power in the region that will alienate Israel, and make busy the Turkish public so that they are involved in a sectarian feud and think that they are helping Syrians, and not pay attention to wars against Iran .

                                      Give Erdogan a bone to chew on and the Turkish public some time to forgit the Assault on the flotilla and the murder of 9 Turkish activists.

                                       Fuel Sectarian/Religious hate in Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon because they have what it takes to influence the ِAmerican presence and the Israeli future  in the region and impose a deadly siege on Israel and a barrier, badly needed to block Iran.

                                       Use a proxy to launch a war against Iran, Syria and better yet , make them pay for it,."Saudi Arabia, for example ". and use other proxies like the Arab League for political and information pre wars to confuse the Public.

                                       Fuel Islamophopia in the west/America and create a rift so the entire public will look at all sects of Islam the Same way, so when wars are ignited only " countries " are highlited and not people ; demanding their human rights, or the right to govern themselves; movements that may pause the greatest of risks on the presence of uncle Sam in the region. Do this by publishing more anti Islamic cartoons, burn more copies of Quran, destroy and attack minorities sites in the region, churches, synagogues,.. etc ; so both sides will demonize each others.

                                      Brand human rights movements in the region " Bahrain for example " as sectarian movements with ties to foreign entities ; " Iran for Example " ..

                                      Punish those countries who will dare resist , Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan ,.. etc , by waking up all and everything that may ignite hate, use if possible human rights issues as batons against them , " Syria , Sudan ,... and such "

BUT, and I say again But
                                      This will have the most devastating impact on these agressors :
                                        1-Israel is the Achilles heal of the Americans, and there are absolutely no guarantees to it's well being . Opposite is evident,..

                                         2-Shia are not very well known as far as the Americans are concerned , They will never start a war, but they will never turn down one that they are waiting for. Unlike the  Wahabbis Salafis; Ben Laden's/alSau's sect who will go anywhere asking for wars, Shia cannot do this, but will fight till the last one for their cause,.. again, Shia do not think that Shia only could go to heaven unlike every other sect of islamist, they believe anyone can go to heaven and they look upon other people, way of life, religion as a natural thing to exist and that all men are created equal, so this will make them the refuge for other will-be oppressed by; for example other sects  of salafis and such ,.. and will form a survival alliance between them and other minorities,.. Christians for example..

                                         3-The opposition entities against the USA in the region are getting much stronger, say from 10 years ago, when in fact the USA and allies are being hit with crisis and getting weaker, at least strategically and of course economically.

                                          4-A war in the region will affect the energy source of the world, and will make it go toward China and the east, Economical and military threats to the USA, so they will loose 2X. and will spread to where ever an American presence is available,.. no limits..

ماذا بعد
Terrorist attacks kill 115 Syrian Shias

Argument References:
Crusades, Rwanda, South Africa, Pakistan/India, Peru/South America, Europe Ireland/Bosnia

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