Thursday, October 13, 2011

The USA accuses Iran of a plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the USA

before I really get very deep into analyzing the entire issue later on in another post maybe, cauz I need to do some research ^_^, the Most important question that is always asked in any criminal invistigation is why., but I have two whys here ;

why would Iran do that?? and why the USA made this public announcement at a time where time zone plays the most part and delays the Iranian response , while the whole media of the USA, that ignored the "99% movement" in the USA for 3 weeks,..were all over it..
and pay attention that the term I used is copyrighted, ;P

the first question is easy and difficult at the same time, easy because Iran will not do such thing, not because it's crazy about the regime that killed people through it's entire history, and has a worse history than regimes the USA was so eager to tumble; such as Gadhafi's .

Usually in in the international diplomatic world if such " a plot " is uncovered two things happen; alert the target " which has the same time zone as Iran , funny ,.. huh,.. were they expecting such announcement??? " and call on the representative of the other state and send an envoy at the same time , with every proof that supports such allegations,.. none of this happened .. weird

So?? who's to gain/loose, and What???

Theory No.1:
The USA really wants a war with Iran to safe guard Israel, but they can't afford it, so how could they still do that and stay away from it's negative outcome???
----Use a proxy ; Saudi Arabia, especially after they knew for sure that their regional intelligence base in Iraq will no longer be under total control, and they have to move somewhere else,.. anywhere..

This plan aims at creating a puffer zone " the entire Arab peninsula " as the shadowy claim of protecting the American interests and oil supplies , where the whole airspace is controlled by USA and the Israeli air force will have the opportunity to strike the Iranian nuclear plants, while every airplane that may enter this zone is shut down, thus ensuring a safe return of the attacker's jets, This plan is awesome except for one fault , who's to ensure that other parties in the region will not retaliate in behalf of Iran?? .. well?? they have to cross that river of fire when they get there .. and if the plan didn't go well, they can always act as " peace mediators " between the two parties and don't face the choice of fighting the war themselves and pay for it, since the Saudi's will . ^_^

Theory No.2:
The Saudi Royals are divided into so many non integral parties: for example the sons of Saud who was dethroned by his brothers ... the king and his allies, Sultan, his son " the most hateful person on Earth , and the supreme delegate to Israel in the royal family ".. the Wahabbi establishment and their supporters from within the family ,.. all of which are powerful factions, and should a dispute on leadership arise, none of them will have the total control that the USA desires, or even want,..
That's why the first-response that " Someone in Iran must pay " came from Turki , a know pro Israeli/American along with Bandar and others " which may indicate that he was within the plot creating the plot from right up at the very beginning, ..

So,.. What does Iran have to do with all of this??? , Bahrain and Yeman, simply they know that the revolution in these two countries may bring an end to every USA base in the country, and that some strategic water ways will no longer be open to Uncle Sam's deep dives ,. ^_^

So there should be no party within the Royal family who will withdraw troops from Bahrain/refuses to involve militarily in Yemen, and these parties will have to fear another threat; the threat that is always a constant base-ground in everything the USA/Israel allies is working hard to flame everytime it is but out, and that is " SECULAR THREAT " and that Iran is behind it, so by doing so son enough , and you will see, all media attaches to the white house will say the same thing non-Mubark said always, the Kings of Jordan/Morocco/Bahrain/Saudi Arabia, that Shia are only loyal to Iran and that they are only the fifth column in their birth countries...

always make Iran too busy to launch a war on Israel, support the resistance movements in Palestine/Lebanon/ weaken Syria mainly and any anti American movement that may support these parties else where,.. and " WHEN " Israel does that, Iran should never be able to retaliate while making other nations " Saudi Arabia do all the dirty work; Financially, Publically , for that the USA will always flee whenever they find the situations too hot to handle and not get stuck in a firy bit of hell like Afghanistan/Iraq, and else where,... so the public pressure is no longer strong ..

Intelligent Questions:
-Who is this guy who takes up a position that was for decades taken by Bander BinSultan, even though his name doesn't say "AalSaaud "??
-Why wasn't Iran interested in assassinating his predecessors who were royals and targeting them should have the most desirable impact m just when the time was right, and blame it on alQaeda??
-What faction of the Royal family does he support?
-What will Iran gain by killing him??
-How was he chosen over 100's of qualified royals for this position, since that all it takes to have a prominent position in the Kingdom of Darkness is being a royal or a slave; ( for positions that require sacrifice for the good of "Islam" and the King"s" ),..

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