Thursday, November 17, 2011

One way out of USA Debt is a War in the region ???

Reaching Debt of 16 Trillion Dollars, yess; 16,000,000,000,000,000
and Without the huss and fuss they want to drag you into , ask them to answer these simple questions, and dare them for a straight forward answer :

                     1-How in God's name did this happen??
and .........      2-How to un-do it, ???

No more, no less ,.. and keep in mind the following :

                      1-54% of the budget  goes to military
                      2-(Federal Funds = $2,650 billion ); over 2.6 Trillions , and don't forget the 16 trillions of Debt

                      3-For the 2010 fiscal year, the president's base budget of the Department of spending on "overseas contingency operations" brings the sum to $663.84 billion, here,

United States Federal
State and Local Government Spending
Fiscal Year 2011 in $ billion

Now for the Scary Part:
                                    Facts: This def debt is forever gone off economical cycle

so What do they think that could even a bit the scale, and bring in some trillions???

Answer: Wars, Weapons, and rubbing off other nations resources ,.. But , this will flame public anger; more soldiers will be backed in coffins, more money, more hate, and more and worse retaliationm and face the imminent loss of their most precious base in the world,; Israel ...

So???? What's the one route that they can ride that got none or the least of these hurdles??

Fight the War through a Proxy, Saudi Arabia and it's allies, sell them weapons, provide them with the utmost necessary " paid" military assistance with the least number of combatant troops , secure their airspace; this will make the Israeli air targetting Iran more secure, then Sell arms to everyone who feels threaten , stay in the Background and harvest the results or blame it on someone else if everything goes wrong and offer to rebuild so you could backup more money .

The Destruction of Beirut by the "Israeli " war planes is a projection of Tel Aviv on any war that may be launched by USA/Israel on Iran/Syria/Lebanon/Gaza,.. according to the Syria Pack

A brilliant scheme , except for one thing,.. Iran, Syria , Hizbullah, and Hamas,.. so?? why not use these also to your best advantage?? and start the war from there,.. Use the Arab League against Syria "because they can't use the sectarian weapon there " and use the GCC against Iran " Sectarian weapon is the best choice since the Gulf States are all into it with the Saudi money fueling it since the very start of the regime, where minorities rights are non existent, and this will also work in Yemen ..

Except again , one thing; the USA never learn from history, and this is a whole new Blog Post ,. see you then ,..

World Military Spending

US Spendings

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