Friday, January 6, 2012

It Will NOT work, Uncle Sam

6-Jan-12  U.S. and Israel to stage largest ever joint military drill

They Said That these drills are a response to Iran Naval drills ,..

Now, is the USA serious, why can't they smarten up, but of course you would not expect that from the country that supports the tyrants of the Persian Gulf, Arm them to kill people ,

Here's The problem with these stupid super power called the USA ,..

We Know your military might, state of the art killing machines, and we know your unwavering commitment toward Israel,..

We Know all of that and more ,..

But, we also know that you were kicked out forcefully of Iraq, That your might and technology failed when the resistance in Iraq in 2006 not only hacked into your "Raptors, and Predators " but took control of them,...
oooh,.. excuse me, did I give you out??,.. your people didn't know that , just like they never knew how many soldiers were killed in Iraq,.. sorry ,.. ^_^
occupy Bahrain and assist in every way possible the Kingdoms of Darkness; Saudi Arabia and Bahrain ..

We know that the Lebanese resistance infiltrated your deepest kept secrets, names, titles, aliases,. and every thing in Lebanon; the entire CIA clan ,..

and we know that the Islamic resistance kicked the hell out of your butts; you and Israel in Lebanon 2006 and in Gaza ,..

We also Know that Iran took control of your most advanced, weaponry and tech intact; aka The Beast of Kandahar,.. and all you had to say is " Give it back " ^_^

We also know That the tyrant regimes that were looking after your plots in the region are falling down one by one ,..

so what does that mean, Having a drill with everything you got???

absolutely nothing ,.. Because you had all of that and more when you got humiliated in all of those occasions mentioned above,.. and more,..
but this time I will not give you out,..

you should come clean with your people and tell them that all you are doing is loosing more money, more lives, and Gaining a lot more hate from the region,.. and you will achieve nothing

You would be better off Playing Video war games,.. and even then I will not guarantee you a win,.. Have you forgotten about the viruses that you aimed to use to hinder the Iranian Nuclear project?? they were Neutralized , modified and sent back at you again,.. and they didn't do squat for the Iranians,..

oooooooooops, here I go again,.. and give you out ,.. oh well ,.. ^_^

But remember,.. That Iran only issues a warning once ,.. Have you ever heard a warning this loud and clear through out your history of aggression against other nations , that you never won since WWII ???

I bet the American public didn't Know this either,.. I mean the Part where you lost every war since then and that you had the same drills with Israel , along side the facts that none of them dealt you a blow worse than a small resistance group had dealt you in the region where now you are planning the largest maneuvers and drills ever,..

So remind me again Uncle Sam please, who are those that you are meant to send the message of "Might " to??? ^_^

 Uncle Sam:--"See here, Columbia, I want you to send that fool boy away. I don't want any 'experiments' tried on me while I am in this condition



Cartoon pic source,

Generational Dynamics, ..

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