Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Clashes of Intellects, counter Intelligence ...

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The war on Lebanon 2006 had changed the way I see things, my stands , and had opened my eyes to so many things in the region ,.. the tea party, Arab Kings and presidents asking Israel to finish off the Lebanese resistance,.. women, children killed, damage and destruction,.. and finally those people who had to take it all,. emerged victorious, did exactly what they promised, and brought down Israel the way it really is ,..

I also remember that the Leader of the Islamic Resistance Group, Syed Hassan Nasrallah , had said that , all will be reveled by those who committed these crimes and who were behind them ,.. and this also happened

and since these days all , just like the case then, everyone is against Syria, the same ones, Same weapons and tactics,.. I am positive that Syria will rise up victorious as ever, just like they rose up victorious with their allies during the wars on Lebanon, and Gaza later on ,..

In This Way, Arab Satellites Will Announce Fall of Assad .. , ,

Hizbullah's, Secretary General had announced a couple of months ago , that they dismantled, and captured CIA spying rings in Lebanon, and had dealt Israel and the USA a heavy blow, only known to them since they were kicked out of the country , both of them, the Americans abd the Israelis by methods Hizbullah had mastered along their route of defending their land ,..

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Recently , The CIA has said this : In a significant failure for the United States in the Mideast, more than a dozen spies working for the CIA in Iran and Lebanon have been caught and the U.S. government fears they will be or have been executed, according to four current and former U.S. officials with connections to the intelligence community.
But at the CIA, officials say such risks come with the territory.
"Hezbollah is an extremely complicated enemy," said a U.S. official. "It's a determined terrorist group, a powerful political player, a mighty military and an accomplished intelligence operation, formidable and ruthless. No one underestimates its capabilities."
What the Americans thought in 2007 ?? 

In 1997, she was hired as a special agent of the F.B.I., which has been under pressure for years to hire more agents and other employees who speak Arabic for terrorism investigations. She was assigned to the bureau’s Washington field office, given a security clearance and placed in an extraterritorial squad investigating crimes against U.S. persons overseas,” the Justice Department said in a statement to reporters.

PressTV, Video
The Daily Star
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so??? am just gonna have to ask the same people again,.. are you positive that you wana take up Syria/Iran/Hizbullah and Hamas at the same time??,.. Do NOT forget the Damascus Pack,.. ^_^


Why did then the CIA admits this , and NOT only that, but also made it available for the Public, and gave Hizbullah the Credit they deserve, something they have worked all along to hide from their people , and not make Hizbullah appear the the formidable force they are???

There could be a 1000 reasons,.. But here's what I think
1-They are  afraid that those spies will be executed, and then the CIA would have to face the music, so , they are preparing people, and sending a message ..

2-The most important reason in my opinion is the message to Israel, .. I think there's a real issue between the USA and Israel regarding an attack on Iran's Nuclear facilities,.. so?? this is a warning to Israel and a head up gesture

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