Sunday, December 11, 2011

Impossible to Understand

5-days-old; Sajda, Bahrain, killed by Bahraini forces as a result of direct firing of poisonous gases fired into her room,.. a method systematically used by the Saudi Backed regime to terrify protesters, often resulted in the deaths of older, young, week people,.. Exactly why they do it ,..
 in 1995 the youngest who was killed, same way , same method was Aqeel AsSaffar only (2 years) ..

let alone killing peaceful protesters with weapons and experts provided by the USA/UK; Anti Semitic Uncle Sam and troops from Saudi Arabia on the ground,.. a country that is world wide known for being inhumane tyrant entity where nothing is tolerated other than their own way of Islamism ,..

 ِAnother child, Soundus AlBadawi, Gaza , seriously injured as a result of Israel Raids that left children as young as Sajda dead, dismembered ,..

An American Hitler in the WHite House


not just one, it seems like Cloning is really advanced in the USA , after Gingrich came Romney , denying the existence of Palestine, both calling the Palestinians terrorists teaching their children terrorism ,.. well ...????
who's children are those on the battle field, isn't then fair to say that Zionists children are combatant hostile troopers??He said that the land is for the arbs, so??? we want our land back,.. and since now on,.. to me there's no Israel, and Palestine is from river to sea all Arab,.. 

 Pics Source : The truth will set you free; Wake up from your slumber

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and the rest of the killer clan mastered by uncle Sam ,.. see that the peaceful movements for democracy in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the Persian Gulf Sheikdoms are unlawful, but in Kuwait where their own people and sect ask for the whole Kuwaiti regime to step down, headed by groups loyal and supported by them, .. even storming the Parliament , they see as democracy,.. which is much more than the Saudis, Bahrani people are asking for,..

What is democracy if you can't have a vote,.. a parliament,.. elections,.. constitution,Joke?? Democracies that got no Constitutions?? ,.. and freedom of expression and assembly ??? all are crimes that may be punishable by death in these prehistoric states that survived the meteor that caused their ancestors; the Dinosaurs to extinct ,..

The Lebanese Judge Alice Shebteeni has released 6 spies of Israel , who could have set the grounds to the murder of Hariri, the father and other Lebanese political and religious figures,.. she also against the code of conduct of the judiciary system announced this via a news paper supportive of Israel ,..

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