Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Signs that the USA is loosing Grounds

Note the submissive look on the Pope's face on the first meeting ever between a Pope and a Saudi Royal
Where we heard nothing about minorities rights in the Persian Gulf Sheikdom, let alone Christian Catholics rights,.. is the Pope very happy with all human rights abuses taking place there?? also Note that the Royal was the one to initiate the meeting in the Vatican City,.. !!!! maybe the King's is more concerned about minorities in the Vatican than the Pope is for minorities in the Kingdom???

Isn't this a fact!, Not only with regards to just Obama's "rein"

What has happened to ethics in this world??
Uncle Sam is totally into sleeping with the enemy so long that whoring will throw in some bucks into the treasury ,.. Yeah?? too far fetched you think??? maybe you missed out on history classes, or just read the books they wanted you to read, let's start from the very beginning , Oil that was totally controlled by the Americans , ... but I'd rather focus on current events, we all know the following :

                        1-The Iraqi - Irani war when suddenly Yasser Arafat was hailed a world hero, recieved in the white house after being an outcast, just because he said from the battle fields in Iraq that the road to a free Palestinian state crosses right through Iran,.. who paid for that war???

                        2-The War on Iraq " Not against Saddam " , who paid for that too??

                        3-Who comes to rescue the USA governments from public anger any time they face economical crises, we have seen it with Fahad and the F15's, saving Bush Sr, AlYamama project saving the British,.. and the Saudi airlines deal in the 90's to quill down public anger and by administration some time sometime to launch it's wars on the region ..

                       4-The biggest Arms deal ever in history :
                             60Billion Us dollars F15 fighters, and possible expand and get some more Naval and missile upgrades that could add up more to this historic figure,.. Why?? is Saudi Arabia under any threats?? maybe from Russia? China?? oooooh,.. I forgot, Iran,.. the biggest threat to world peace, but of course should not in any way be used to threaten The Zionist entity, in fact Americans made that very unavailable by reducing fuel tanks for more weapons, and that they control the entire fleet starting from the A-wax, wax stupid money guzzling stone aged technology .

                        5-The UAE Biggest deal in history with boeing, buying 50 , 777's at about $18bn.   

so??, add to that that from Saudi Arabia a lone the USA gets at least 1.5 million barrels of crude oil a day, and that's not counting the number of barrels they import from, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, by the way ,.. all of Qatar's crude oil is shipped to the USA in the Deal that allowed the USA to have their bases in the country, they use gas for buck revenue ..  

Knowing this alone,.. and if you search it up, you would be very surprised at how much money the Persian Gulf states pour into the Lap of uncle sam daily , you would know why the USA do NOT see the people killed in Bahrain , Yemen, but they are totally anti Syria ,..

                       Ponit is:
                                  If the leader of the new world is ready to wash their " values " down the toilette just for a couple of billions from here and there, and that they are welling to look the other way when the blood of innocent people is shed because they know once these people are free, they would want their national natural resources be put to the good of the people, and only through supporting the regimes that kill them, they would be able to keep this flow of money going,.. You KNOW then , that that country is so weak and fragile that it will not last long .

                       The people whom these tyrants rule will not stand effortless for ever,and their rulers will only get weaker while the countries that oppose the USA presence in the region, and got the SUPPORT of their own people will get Stringer, note the power that Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas have now, compared to just less than 10 years ago ,..

                        The Economical factor is and will bring the USA to it's knees, plus those who , just for a short period of time, are trying to cast uncle Sam a thin robe to hang on to, but soon enough they too will suffer economical devastation that will weaken their grip on things and fall,.. sooner or later,

                         The USA is draining their resources out for the Sake of " Israel ", the Persian Gulf States are draining their wealth out for uncle Sam, and with no industry, no real development, no what so ever , they will in no time have nothing more to offer to the public, especially those who support them now, and then since all of their supporters are those who believe in killing anyone who's different than them, will be the ones that they should fear, not Iran, not the Minorities,.................


If you need valueless tyrants to keep you alive, then certainly You are LOOSING GROUNDS

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