Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stupidity of the American Public

 Obama and  Granmom, hot in Ghana, source image

I know it's a harsh statement up at the title, but hang on a minute,
and show how smart by listening to me talking about myself, and not judge me with what you think you know that was fed to you by some media with hidden or otherwise known intentions about 7000 miles away, ...

 BDSM, American troops style, continued ..

Here's the issue:
Americans have this Bloated " I " sense ; " We think that this is the way "a" particular thing happened , then it must be the way it had happened, "

Everywhere , everytime, always, this is what governs their thoughts.
for example, you watch a documentary about a building in our region, a mosque, a church or anything else, the commentator start explaining everything the way he want to believe this certain building was built,  this part symbolizes heaven, and this window points at the departure of the soul, and so on,.. for God's sake dude, have you even read " something " about Islam?? we don't have such things, it's just a place for certain use, that's all.

Obama stands before the Camiras and the mass media people are waiting to hear from the smartest man on earth, since the USA is the most advanced, most civilized, no killing of women and children world wide, and no supporting of tyrant regimes such as the Bahraini and Saudi, and none of that nonsence people talk about m about American law inforcements landing heavily on protestors on Wall Street and else where,.. any ways..

So?? everybody was waiting, the whole world is standing up for Obama's speach , and he said it ,.. he really did ,... He said,.. " As he " Obama " promised, the American troops in Iraq will be brought back home ",.. and audience goes crazy, happy , jumping, tears in their eyes, ... and they bought it ,.

Yet , those same people were reporting 10 minutes ago, That Iraq WILL NOT allow American troops beyond this year as agreed with Bush " , and that None of the remaining trainers will be granted immunity against prosecution in Iraq,.. yet, and yet again,.. they believed OBAMA,.. and just after his speech , the Iragi Prime minster comes on and say, any single soldier remains after 30/12/2011 will be tried for any crime they might have committed, and no special treatment for any trainers left,..
Yet It was Obama who kept his promise,... Wake up people of America

Oh I forgot,
Today a tyrant " Sultan of Saudi Arabia has died, and no , I am saving my tears for the people killed by his troops in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and let's not forget Yemen ..

and yesterday Gadhafi was killed after being captured a life, despicable , but a well deserved end , an end I sure wish the Tyrants of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will taste by their own family, because I am just too good to even think that I will do that myself..

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