Wednesday, November 23, 2011

USA is killing Saudis by the Hands of AlSaud

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World Children Day is Children Killing day in PG

Two more confirmed death by Saudi gun fire, upper pic direct gun shot wounds, could be brain dead, update will follow, final toll can never be confirmed, for the Saudi Regime hold the dead bodies

Muneeb AlAdnan, 20 years, note the shot on the back of the head; a sign of an intentional kill mentality of the Saudi Regime,

 Ali Abdullah Grairis, 26 years

 Toll of death is expected to rise, Many are fatelly wounded ,.. time/Date of this blog, Wed, Nov.24/2011 @ 22:40 GMT

The Saudi regime has also sentenced 17 men to prison sentences of up to 30 years on Tuesday


Riyadh intensifies clampdown on east

TheGuardian,Deadly shootings in Saudi Arabia, but Arab media look the other way, Thank you; Reem Al Assad
Saudi court sentences 17 activists to jail


Pics taken from :  as follows, according to a descendant order , 1, 2, 3, ..

Hunting Down people at the Water Tower ...

Just a Glimpse,.. 

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