Friday, October 28, 2011

The Concept of Beauty

What makes a person beautiful??

really tough question, or is it?? aren't we setting our own standards? what you see beautiful I see normal, or even ugly??
What makes a guy beautiful, a hunk, Hot, sexy,.. and what makes a girl so beautiful??
Is their any criteria??
    Scientists, and all of the human race; regarding this matter have always debated on this
Symmetry?? , nice body? what Exactly ??... and can it be some time enigmatic?
 You can take a test here, and if you want give us your feed back.

How About race?? does it have anything to do with it??, just like the Nazis thought and many  like them??

Can Human Beauty be defined?? or is the saying " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder " rules??
...Is it the main reason behind people attracted to each others?? , surely then, why do people find sometimes the one person they thought was the most beautiful in their eyes becomes so disgusting, and repulsive,.. because they cheat? lie? so it's not how they look then, they still look the same, yet we can't stand looking at them, let alone think of them as beautiful ,..

Francisco Lachowski(teen Model ), left, donno who's the guy to the right

Drew Aguilera

I , for one, think that female buddy builders are the hottest ever,

but I really don't believe that there's ever an " Ugly woman ", just honestly don't ,..  and that a hot guy= Hot body,.. not a rhino disgusting Arnold Schwarzenegger type of body, but fit, or slim,.. ripped, but not buffed , I find hairy guys extremely repulsive,.. maybe stupid, but I really think that they can't be clean, I won't marry them,.. I just without thinking find that almost all of my friends are smooth, lean, athletic, or just normal guys,. . it's not that I don't hang out with other people, I do, I love them, respect them,.. and as for race is concerned had I been gay, I would marry a black African guy,.. That of course if he were to be the right guy, as for girls, I really don't have this tough restriction method of scrutiny.

here's an example of a beauty freak culture embeded deep into their roots , that it is now a unique culture
the Wodaabe of the Fulani ethnic group  


"Beauty is in the phi of the beholder."


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