Sunday, July 8, 2012

Massacres Continue ..

THree reported Deaths so far; ( Seyed Mohammad Ritha & Seyed Akbar Shakhouri ), one of them was an epic , a demonstrator was carrying the picture of the subject of the assassination attempt before his face and on his chest, a barrage of gunfires targeted him, he kept on moving, until he was overwhelmed by the Rapid blood loss, and fell to the ground ,..

All started when the Saudi Secret Service attempted an assassination on the life of one of the top clerics and Public figure in the country known for his firm stand against the corruption and hate fired up by the Royals,..
Sheikh Nimr anNimr an out spoken critic of the Saudi royals and a democracy activist " pic above"
Saudi Arabia:
an hour ago,
"The Free Youth Movement" Just reported that an opposition cleric/leader ;Sheikh Nimr anNimr was shot and taken to some unknown location ,.
The Sheikh is known for his outspoken stands against corruption of the Royal family and firm opposition and a tough advocate of freedom of believe and religion
It was expected that the New Minster of Interior , former Governor of Riyadh and " one of the Seven Kings ; a term we use to describe the unlimited power they have over the country that is exactly equals that of the King and often supersede it "
will step up the attack on Democracy/Human Rights activists in the country ,
and the best choice is the Minority Shias, because their sectarian system is ...fed all the necessary info to take the assault to a further stand from the actual reality of the democratic struggle,..
In this Scenario was the shooting of the prominent Shia Cleric and tough opposition leader and Civil rights defendant Sheikh Nimr anNimr ,
obviously this will flame up the region where the Shiekh is located, and possibly fire up a huge demonstrations by the public that is expected to start a wide movement across the country, at least in it's political form,
We expect more blood shed by the regimes forces , more killings, for they are determined to make a point and show how tough the New MI is.
already streets of the Eastern province is boiling, and if they Sheikh dies due to the wounds inflected by this latest assault, then the USA/Saudi Arabia should expect a wide movement that could set a new standard never seen before,..
Mark my words ,..

his words :
" I am certain that my assassination/arrest will be the catalyst that will level up the Human Rights movement "
The cleric is an inspiration to the Saudis and not only to his sect, for he was never sectarian , but a political/Human rights activist ,..
Video: Last moments 
a third Killed " a Jon Doe "
  Demonstrators receive barrages of bullets , Many fell down, reports say that at least 35 injuries about a dozen critical, death toll expected to rise ,..
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Updates will follow :
News that Sheikh Nimr is clinically Dead,... Deaths if the word's out could reach thousands and we could be looking at a mass revolution ...