Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sustaining a relationship, AlMuthana Style:P

Since I am 18, so I guess I got the most experience on life , :P

or that I know who I am, either way this is what I found to healthy a relationship, or at least will not strain it, or if ended will not have that terrible impact on my life ..

                           A relationship; any relationship has it's limit , always, and forever, you just cannot force it to give you more than it actually can give you, weather it's a family member, classmate, roommate, a coworker, a lover , any kind of a relationship will have a limit, a rule, that both parties will have to understand and respect.
                           I , for Example believe in the following:
1-Each party should and must have their own private matters, no one should make that a recipe to a better relationship, and must be respected.
2-Only one question, One answer rule, You can refuse to answer, but if you do, you say the truth, and ask onetime only, Like, what's wrong?? you need something?? things like that ..
3-Lovers, Spouses, really should not have a better time with others of the same gender of the one they love, If they think they do, it's time to rethink the current affair.
4-Everything between the two parties stays between them, Can never be taken even to a different room,.. " Metaphorically " speaking of course , let alone take it to other party outside the relationship,
5-No, No, to people who brings you outside news about the other party, make that very well known to all.
6-Take your time to think before reacting to anything that makes you angry or upset.
and finally ....
7- DoNOT ask more than it is possible for the relationship Can give you by itself, and remember the state is the king, not the parties ... for example, do not expect a friend to be a lover just because you want that to happen, ..

Enjoy a healthy relationship, Stress free ..
 and the saying on the pic and design are copy righted,.. hehehe

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