Sunday, December 18, 2011

More than 270 Bodies of US soldiers dumped as Waste

Once again the mighty USA surprises me, or maybe not,.. They are infact behind Zarqawi, adouble agent attache to CIA of the Jordanian Intelligence, headed a USA/Saudi/American Task force in Iraq, Afghanistan, and trained operatives in Naqab in Palestine , and were also the God Fathers of AlQaeda , who with the help of the hateful ideology of the Saudis came to live to oppose the " Iranian threat " after their campaign using them against the Soviets worked out pretty well back at the time Afghanistan was invaded by the former USSR,..

   More Than 270 soldiers remains were found in dumps all across the USA,.. these are not parts that were amputated to save lives,.. these are parts of real soldiers who were killed in Iraq, most of them and never received the honor " They deserved,.." even though I personally think that they received exactly what they deserve,.. Harsh?? Inhumane?? Hateful??? ,... sorry,.. not at all ,..
since the USA is doing this exactly to our people in the Persian gulf ,..Iraq, Afghanistan,.. done it all through out their history, south America,.. to the Natives ,.. and had always waged wars on others ,.. they even killed their own people just to find an excuse to blame it on someone else ,.. ( see Labels bellow; How low can the USA really go?? )

   Isn't 9/11 the work of the Saudis?? their closest of allies?? what did they do about it??, they went after Iran, who got nothing to do with all of that ?? Only to use the Saudis as the fool they are to trap itself into a war that will give the USA all the Saudi Airspace to control ,..

Again the Killings in Bahrain continue on the very Anniversary of the Crowning of the King ,. 6 people killed, a child who's only few days old, to a 70+ old man who died today,..

Testimonios desde Bahréin: Detenidos por atender a personas heridas

Saudi Arabia will cut off two limbs " a hand and a leg " of some 19 people ,.. the country continues it's human rights abuse,. and yet these countries are the best of allies to the USA,...

so WHY wounder??,.. this is nothing,.. the USA I guarantee you had done worse,.. just that it never came out,..

Join the Saudi Arabia photo petition


PressTV, Iran Hacked the GPS system of the Drone
Zarqawi beheading " Americans ",
The World Human & Civil Rights Community
Amnesty International, LiveWire

Today , Only about 1000 Americans will remain in Iraq after the last military personel left through Kuwait
and ,.. I love it,...

The Bush administration claimed that Saddam Hussein had links to al-Qaeda and was in possession of a massive stockpile of weapons of mass destruction. Both allegations were later discredited by various independent investigations.

According to the Iraqi government estimates (as of March 2010) there are up to 3 million widows in Iraq. NPR

Iraq's anti-corruption board revealed in December 2007 that there were five million Iraqi orphans as reported by official government statistics.

At the height of the war, more than 170,000 U.S. troops were stationed in Iraq at more than 500 bases. VOA

Officials in Washington say President Barack Obama was willing to keep between 3,000 and 10,000 U.S. troops in Iraq but the plan failed after Iraqi officials refused to grant legal immunity to the U.S. troops. NPR

The State Department will command four major diplomatic centers and seven other facilities, a total of 11 sites in Iraq. The tab will be around $3.8 billion for the first year, far above the operating cost of any other U.S. diplomatic mission. Wall Street Journal

The U.S. embassy in Baghdad - already the world's largest - has been expanding as the U.S. transitions from a military to a civilian-led mission in Iraq. Al Jazeera

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee anticipates a whopping 17,000 individuals working for the Baghdad embassy.

The State Department will hire more than 5,000 private security contractors for armed details. Wall Street Journal


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