Thursday, December 8, 2011

The RQ-170 Capture by Iran Marks the End of the USA Empire

US RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft captured virtually intact dealt a knockout blow to the USA ;
The UAV uses an encryption algorithm that needs 10000 super computer , NASA type for 10000 years to break ,.. yet ,, here it is warm and choosy at a secret location in Iran , What does that mean???

The USA is the most advanced country in the world, and their best is always with the CIA

Note: 6 hours after Iran aired the videos of the aircraft and revealed how it got it,.. Yahoo, Google, AOL, and others still have not yet have a link telling the American public the Truth,.. they still echo the stupid Propaganda (
Military sources confirmed that the Iranians have the RQ-170 drone, which is so advanced that the U.S. Air Force has not distributed even a photo of it.
that either it was lost, or got destroyed,.. a great indicator on how bad this is to Uncle Sam,.. I think he had a heart attack, and they are just attending to him before ringing the bells ,... ^_^
Here's What it means :
Economical and military disaster :

The RQ-170 Sentinel was developed by Lockheed Martin,..
the Mother company is the heart and soul of the American Space, stealth, weaponry industry
It IS all the Army , intelligence of uncle Sam's striking force ,. see the link ,..


Halting of buying their technology from all over the world,.. a catastrophic disaster, economy , and military wise ,.. not mentioning that they have totally lost the technology and all of it's benefits, less all of the negativeness to Iran ,..

The distrust that created in all of NATO alliance , and how badly it affected all their missions world wide,.. and they money they already lost, and that they WILL loose,.. is staggering ,.. will amount to more than 5 trillion dollars ,.. just to reverse the damage that had surfaced from loosing such technology

The pressure on the War mongers who were pushing for a war against Iran, when they failed to take Iran's warning seriously when they time and again during their Drills announcing their readiness for " a Technical spy war "

Weapons and Tech sales ,.. hard hit ..
another blow since the defeat of the American weapons; (Israeli army ) by the Russian weapons (Hizbullah ) in 2006 war in Lebanon, that it increased the Russian sale of arms by 30 percent ,.. 

Expertise, operations both inland and over seas,.. damaged,

Spy rings,.. command stations everywhere,.. Exposed,.

Lost of a SECRET TECH ,.

This Tech will reach Syria, Hizbullah ,.. and will threaten Israel,.. no DOUBT ,.. 
American bases in the region are Naked to the Iranis,.. nothing will be under their radar ,..
in doubt??? This has never happened , not even by NKorea, China, Russia ,.. yet

it marks a real shift inpower ,. since the defeat of the Israelis in Lebanon, 2006,.. and later in Gaza , this capturing " fully functional " top secret, high tech , American state of the Art asset is the hottest news the USA had ever faced.. and even more significant than The 1960 U-2 incident

add to all of that ,.. the money,.. especially at these hard times for the Americans,..
and further more,.. what do the Iranians still have that they haven't uncovered yet ,.. because they say that they have many surprises ,.. I believe them,.. yet,.. the Americans are keeping these fatal informations off the eyes of the Public ,.. Baaaaaaaaaad Idea, uncle Sam ,.

and please Uncle Sam,.. no more War propaganda please,.. You cannot afford it,.. unless you will fight it through a proxy ,..


Iran airs footage of downed US drone

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