Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Anti Semitic Uncle Sam

Yates (Murdoch's puppy ) and Timoney (Americas worst cop ) are two disgusting corrupt officers who were indicted by their own countries on charges of corruption, fraud and violations of human rights codes and were dethroned from their former positions, the least of which as Yates is concerend is the infamous Murdoch's news of the world phone hacking scandals, ..
Both hired by the Bahraini Tyrant regime (or which is the more sensible assumption , were hired by the USA/UK themselves,.. history makes this the most logical assumption )  to kill ; enlisting their expertise history of violence and corruption to clam down on the democratic movement ,.. Just like the British has always done together with the Americans to help safe guard their dogs of tyrants in the region ,.. an example is Ian Henderson, aka the Butcher of Bahrain ,..

and of course everything Happens in Bahrain, happens exactly the same in the Kingdom of Darkness named after the killer hyenas, aka AlSaud tit for tat ,.. especially if you come to know the fact that both families belong to the same tribe, and that Bahrain is considered a member of the Saudi Common Crown Gulf Monarchies ...

Today the The Victim in this blog : (

World Children Day is Children Killing day in PG

 Rod is embedded in here head clearly visible, and below the Killer :

of a new introduced weapon to Bahrain has passed away ; an indication of this metal rods fashioned exclusively as weapons that there are inFact non Bahraini mercenaries, for this method is a weapon used by some African, Indian tribes to hunt animals 

الاعتداء على الأطفال في البحرين يستمر دون محاسبة:قتل واعتقالات تعسفية وتعذيب وعقوبات عسكرية قاسية

 Children Killed in Bahrain , Saudi Arabia < The Killings in Bahrain/Saudi is done with the sup...

Now: The USA is saying the following to the people of the region:

***Not only we help your tyrants kill you, Rape your women, torture your kids and murder them, demolish your worship places, steal your money but we will help them get away with it, and show that you are the " Oppressors" not the Oppressed ,.. so long these tyrants are friendly and would agree to striking deals with Israel

***The Most important thing is the well fare of the Zionists in the region (fact of course, according to Uncle Sam )
nothing else matters ...

Let's have a comparison sheet now :


Syria :

The “Free Syria Army” is literally an army of militant extremists, many drawn not from Syria’s military ranks, but from the Muslim Brotherhood, carrying heavy weapons back and forth over the Turkish and Lebanese borders, funded, supported, and armed by the United States, Israel, and Turkey. The latest evidence confirming this comes in the form of a report out of the International Institute for Strategic Studies where Senior Fellow for Regional Security at IISS-Middle East Emile Hokayem openly admits Syria’s opposition is armed and prepared to drag Syria’s violence into even bloodier depths.”

USA Arming Syrian Opposition

U.S. and NATO Arming Syrian Opposition, Plan Military Strike


Moscow accuses West of arming Syrian opposition

Arming Syria's rebels | Atlantic Council


Russia to oppose any moves to arm Syrian opposition - The Daily Star


Iraqi jihadists call for arming, aiding Syrian opposition | States Times
Mooooooore: about this , search hub 

1100 officers and peace watchers killed by terrorists ( not any arab spring movement has this number of police killed ) not only that ,.. but even if you combine all other Arab revolutions you will not even get close ,.. most of the 3000 deaths are of  pro regime Syrians, 

The USA publicly demand the terrorists in Syria to use arms ,. and forcefully overthrow the Syrian government ..

The Turks, Arabs, Uncle Sam, Britain, France all want the fall of Asad ..

But not the Bahraini Government , or the Saudi, Qatari, Emarati ,... why????

because they have the closest of ties with Israel

2-They allowed the USA to have permanent Bases
3-They pay for wars out of the people's food
4-and they preach sectarian violence ,.. an essential catalyst for the well being of Israel

 so??? Why the USA isnot arming the Yemanis, or the Bahraini people??,.. not that they are violent,.. just a legit question ,.. 
Bottom line:

What the USA is saying:

'US, terrorists meet in Afghanistan'
Any regime who supports Israel , can never be a tyrant , and that every regime who fights for it's people's rights and wants their land taken by the Zionist back and does not yield to whatever the Zionists want , no matter how popular that regime maybe, or how democratic it is ,... it's a TYRANT ...

Baaaad message to send to the sub conscious of the people of the region ..

it pave the bases for hate ,.. loud and clear ,.. the people of the region hear the USA saying

We do NOT care if your tyrants rain hell on you ,.. so long they are not a threat to Israel...

In other words, the USA is behind the anti Semitic hate that may be flamed by such sstupid irresponsible actions of them supporting tyrants ,.. 


“Saudi to Acquire Nuclear Weapons”
Bahraini Regime Forces Attack Ashura Processions 
Zionist Entity
Syria Agrees to Monitors’ Protocol, Demands End to AL Decisions
 PressTV, OfCom you dummies,.. Hands off PressTV ,.
PressTV - France training rebels to fight Syria

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