Thursday, October 13, 2011

This is Saudi Arabia , the way we know it.

I donno, but I really couldn't find a pic that nearly describes this subject am about to right about but this pic,.. thanx to Elyes Ben M'rad , I found the link at his page,

You would Know the stress people in Saudi Arabia are under an face at every click of the clock, you would understand that this Kingdom of Darkness is so hate filled that they don't wait to confirm any accusation any one utters that undermines their citizens' well being and solidarity,.. we heard non_mubarak saying all sort of sectarian comments on the people of the country, we heard the King of Jordan, of Morocco, we heard all sort of people insulting the entire population of Saudi Arabia,.. but .. we heard none of the elite royal family tells them,.. shut the hell up, and only speak with respect when addressing out people or for ever hold your tongues ...

and you would know , out of all countries the USA chose Saudi Arabia to be the launching bad of it's new campaign aimed at Syria/Iran, especially that of the so obscured myth of Iran plot of attempting to assassinate their ambassador , ..

they say that when people lie, they add details so they appear to be telling the truth, this is why I guess was the part of the Drugs came along to the plot, where they say that the plot was a joint operations between drug lords and Iran ...

anyways,.. the USA knew that no one will fall for this hate igniting, war waging campaign but creatures that have no brains and can be lead by the noose just like they do to bulls being lead to the slaughter house , or which is more dangerous and is really what the Saudis feel , is that it's the Saudis who always use sectarian slamming as a way of making the public so involved in hate campaigns, on the internet sites where Saudi religious universities and institutes support and pay for them , Schools,. television, clerics, Mosques, and always and forever this has been the Saudi method to prolong their life span and affect the human rights movements that could spring up from time to time,..

This was always the case,.. Until came the Arab Spring, and suddenly they are all naked; their religious establishment that ordered as a divine decree that demonstrations and over throwing Mubarak will Hell bound those who support it,..
people woke a little up,.. then there was Bahrain,.. and they felt the heat , so why not raise the flag of sectarianism and slam every movement in the Arab peninsula as PRO Iranian?? this way they could sentence any human right activist to death,.. and trust me , they will,. and knowing that the USA used them against the movement in Bahrain, and that it's heading their way , and that Iran is behind it ,..


the USA is not entirely stupid for fabricating such a disgusting claim, they just knew who's stupid enough to fall for it,.. and as usual the Royal Saudi Monarchs who got Alzheimer's were the first ones to accept it as a fact of the century,...

This is Saudi Arabia , the way we know it.

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