Internet Privacy & anonimity/حماية وخصوصية على الإنترنت

First of all:
I will just post links to site here, and for the effort they done I convey to them my greatest thanx, please thank them too
إذا تحتاجو سؤال .... تفضلوا

*Privacy/Encryption SoftWare

تشفير البريد , المرسل والمستقبل فقط يستطيع قراءته

تحميل البرنامج + تحميل الإضافة
تشفير المسنجر , الطرفين فقط , يمنع أي طرف آخر من الإستماع,ماسنجر كامل إذا حصلتم على كل الإضافات

There's no way you will get considerable protection if you use IE, or Chrome

So your best and only choices are Firefox/Firefox based browser, or if you like Chromium technology,.. It's definitely COMODO Dragon, got everything Chrome got minus the spying , plus total control, you can even set your own proxy away from the system's, and have use  of their secure DNS system, plus instant site scan on demand, and many many more, control over chrome and securityو There's also Iron, and Chromium, but they are inferior to COMODO Dragon, even though they have a better speed than Google chrome and none of it's tracking and spying scripts

لايمكن تكونون آمنين على الإنترنت إذا كنتم تستخددمون زفتبلورر أو مرض قوقل الكروم
والخيارين البديلين هما فايرفوكس , أو متصفح يعتمد عليه " هناك كثير " أو لو كنتم مصرين على تقنية الكروم هناك الأفضل وأكثر أمان وهو " كومودو دراقن " نفس كروم لكن أكثر أمان س, سحبوا منه كل تقنيات التتبع والتجسس , ممكن استخدام الامان الخاص بالشركة , فحص المواقع , وضع بـكسي مختلف عن بـكسي النظام, ويستخدم نفس الإضافات , وأنصح باستخدام إضافة "ScriptNo " معه ومع فايرفوكسNoScript

أو استخدام هذا المتصفح الخفي , جربوه ماتندموا

البحث في الإنترنت:

1-يجب عدم البحث في المحركات التي لديكم حساب فيها .. أبدا
يعني عندي حساب في قوقل ماأستخدم محركه إلا بعد ماأسجل خروج وأمسح آثار التصفح.. هذي بعض البرامج الرائعة وآمنة ماتخرب شي ^_^

رابط صفحة التحميل
الأخضر للريجيستري و الأزرق للقرص

برنامج إزالة الملفات من جذورها + تنظيف+إزلة التنصيب , وغيرها كثير ... كل البرامج هنا معربة+

اختاروا التحميل اللي تحت الكلمة اللي فوق


أو يمكن إستخدام محركات البحث التالية , ماتتابع بحثك ولا تعرف عنك أو تخزن أي شي


دوك-دوك قو

آي إكس كويك


A Not very well known armory in keeping your surfing private, it actually can be considered all of the Privacy apps together minus the anonymous proxy, which can be added manually , or configured into it , is the Beautiful local proxy, Proxomitron

You need to carefully read the help files, take your time with them, The Proxomitron is configured for most people, but still not utilized to the individual best use/security/Privacy,.. That's up to you, Totally,
and Just to give you an Idea on what it can do : I'll explain at the end how I would use it to stay totally anonymous on the Internet, something can never be achieved using any other app

My way of Staying totally private on the Internet using Proxomitron :

1-Get Privoxy here.
FootNote: Privoxy is a cashing secure proxy tunnel,.. IT will NOT make you seve announmously, or hide your IP address, but it encrypts your connections, and act as a filter for ads, and such annoyances, then send you the page again,, Like Proxomitron it can be configured to syphon a lot, only thing is that if you set it to other than the default some sites may not work well, if at all, that's why here, we are going to use it just as an encryption secure Tunnel between you and the internet.

2-Tell the Proximitron to use Privoxy , proxy, then enter
that's how Privoxy connects to the Internet, and acts as a proxy to Proxomitron

3-Set your browser, or any internet app to Proxy port 8080, it's how Proxomitron talks to the Internet, or in firefox LocalHost 8080, "Use this proxy for all protocols " ..

4-Go to any  PUBLIC " where you are NOT assigned an access code to get to the internet " , HotSpot in your area, connect to the internet, and you are set,.. put make sure you choose Proxomitron configurations to the limit it blocks as many exploits as possible, without hindering your access to your favorite websites, or stopping them from displaying things like, pics, videos,.. etc.

How could you be totally anonymous with out using an anonymous proxy????

here's the Trick,.
When you use " Public HotSpots " you have others using it too, with the Same IP Address " Note when I said " that you must NOT need to be assigned a proxy, or a password to use that HotSpot "
 so wherever you go, they will see that address , and since many use it, there's no way of telling who uses What, and no way of linking you with a particular site unless it's from within your computer , so see how to get this fixed from my other post here ,.. or use whichever apps you think that will wipe out your internet traces from your computer ,... USE Only FireFox.

Extra Tip .

There's no HotpSpts in my area
 Then No.4 Above needs a little tweaking :
Go here , Download the app, Do the same steps from 1-3, Described above
and........... one little more step , Just after you downloaded Privoxy,..
We need to let Privoxy connects to TOR, so right Click the icon " a blew -radar-screen like Icon - , then, Edit/Main Configurations , ... Now, BE VERY CAREFUL not to change things or miss them up,.. ( but if you did , Just reinstall , ask for default configurations ,.. " Now, navigate to where you find this :
#      To chain Privoxy and Tor, both running on the same system,
#      you would use something like:
forward-socks5   /      .
and make sure that it's EXACTLY LIKE you see it above , Meaning removing  ( # ) before the proxy argument , that's called " commenting " when you remove it , it's " UNcommenting" and what it does, it makes Privoxy reads that command and execute it ,... for more assistance, please read their manual and help file,.. but this is all you need ,. , safe, exit , make sure you changed nothing else, and be real careful ..

go to your Task manager or FireWall , see " Running process ", find Polipo , terminate it , " The reason is that , sites will know that you are using Polipo, we don't want that, once you terminate it, Privoxy will takeover, since they use the same configurations to access the Internet,.. You are all set

Check out your anonymity on What is my ip address
Or any other site you prefer

or Use The TOR Browser Bundle from the Site,.. " Highly Recommended for most people "m but notice the feed, they will tell you if you are using TOR or not, if you change to 8080 in bundled browser,..

Advantage of this last step?? is that if your connections will block access, say to your favorite gaming for example, They won't now, since you will be using , The Onion Router servers, and please support them by sharing some of your bandwidth, it'll as they say will increase your anonymity on Line ,..

Hope and Plea:
Please if you should decide that you want to post this way of using Proxomitron, refer to this Blog, for I haven't seen this idea posted anywhere on the Internet, and if you wish so, you may , here and everywhere post a question a note, or if you will, say thank you ,..

MOOOOOOOOOOORe Ideas, Apps, will be added, Stay connected,..