Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't be Armani Lame

Guys most of the time stick to some certain brands and make the world out of them, this is of course is not healthy, not chic , and a retro effect, so , opening our imagination always come up with something that wasn't there a moment ago,..

           and Since am an underwear freak, and most of the times they all I wear, that of course if am not all " commando ,"
I thought of posting some ideas here with some brands and designers who are not very well known in certain parts of the world :

good but not my kinda choice
Check him out, they got some real hot pieces out there,

MalePower و though have no limit that.s why I should post this warning in Arabic ( يحتوي هذا الرابط على ملابس رجالية قد يكون الاطلاع على صورها مسيء لقفافتكم , نرجو الحذر )

وتعتقدوا إن السارونج فقط للنساء؟؟
and did you thought that Sarongs are only for women??
Check the site please, because honestly, Asian guys are the worst models for underwear and for everything that require them to expose the most of their bodies,.. this is not a racist comment of course more than saying I love Christmas with snow in winter and the beach in summer, and this is true of course for all light skinned races ,..

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