Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A new Game by USA, Israel alliance

The Game is this : Trick Iran into thinking that there will be a war or a strike >>

so they do NOT go a head and close the straight of Hormouz,..

.. Pressuring Syria ,.. and waiting for the Saudi Move that will trigger an Iranian response
The upcoming Iranian elections,.. the Shoura council and the presidential ,..
Iran is about to reveil and uncover spying wrings in the country that participated in the killings of scientists
among those ,.. indivisuals who have ties with the royal families of Saudi Arabia, and the UAE and groups financially supported by them and other Arab countries ,..

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says any decision by the Tel Aviv regime to launch a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities remains "very far away." 
The White house " will NOT comment on this " 
The Qatari Emir is in Is**el 

The Military Council of Egypt chief; Tantawi is in Libya

 " Ask the government to host some hate igniting Channels of anti Syrian agenda; brotherhood,.. offer training ,..,  and ask for the support of the Libyans on Syria m and some political and Military spying

The United States and Israel halted the scheduled " biggest ever " military drills that was scheduled for March ,..

These were after many steps were taken :

amongst those :

Arms and fighter deals to UAE, and Saudi Arabia

increasing the number of US troops in Qatar, Kuwait , and the UAE, 
Moving air craft carriers both British and American into the Persian Gulf

Will Iran fall for this???
There's one thing always certain ,.. 
Iran always ready to retaliate, and retaliate with prejudice to every source of threat against it's land, people, air, and sea ,..

Who will loose ???

Israel,.. ;
Syria, Hizbullah, and the Palestinians are ready 
Israel is doomed ,..
a New front; Egypt's border now against Israel
the USA, election time, public unrest fueled by the ever worsened economy ,..
Oil supply  to the entire world
International trade routes will be blocked
Human rights movements will get stronger as the regimes get weaker fighting Iran ,..

The USA has lost the support of Egypt,.. 
Their talks with Taliban will be affected , because Taliban will see that they are weakened by
the devastation war and economical disaster will bring upon the USA ,..

Yemen is not under their control ,.. Somalia, Sudan ,..
Weak allies; Jordan, Morocco

so why they do this then???

They want someone to start something limited against Iran that will get her busy enough, but not angry enough to retaliate against Israel, and the USA bases in the region ,..

and who is stupid enough to be that " someone ""

Saudi Arabia of course ,.. 

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