Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Children as young as 10/younger are beeing kdnapped and jailed in Bahrain, Israel

You would be amased at the efforts the Americans are trying to show in supporting lives and fighting against children abuse, and come to realise that their greatest of allies kidnapp and detain children of all ages as young as 10 years old, maybe younger in Israel, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia

تستغرب تشدق أمريكا بحقوق الإنسان والطفل , وكثرة مؤسساتها المدنية لحماية الأطفال , حين ترى أن من أهم مقومات صداقتها للدول هو أن تكون هذه الدولة معتدية على الأطفال والنساء

سؤال صعب : أي الصورتين السفلى والعلوية عن السجناء الأطفال في الكيان الصهيوني الغاصب , وأيها في الكيان الخليفي السعودي
Pic the Right(wrong ) pic m which one is in Israel, and which one is in Bahrain/Saudi Arabia, " Upper, lower"

In Saudi Arabia, it's a crime to breach Human rights, .

Human Rights Watch, Arabic ; about KSA
Children in Saudi Arabia, Arabic; HRW
مدونة حريات/Blog,Freedom, Saudi
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Canadian arrested in Hajj season for speaking for Human rights

Paul Morphy, MEP, Regime must be brought down by, workers, people, and we should never have " Europe " any talks with them,.. Video,.. pretty awesome

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