Friday, January 27, 2012

Anonymous International and Facebook

The group "Anonymous " Has denied that they are going to shut down Facebook
and said it would be illogical to shut down a social network that activists use
which is really common sense,.. and I really do not understand that people thought that would be true

but I understand why people were confused because a member of the group was the one who promised as such stupid statement ,..

"Anonymous " is a "Free internet , Privacy " advocate , and that is a taboo in some countries
or most countries, therefore " Anonymous " is targeted 24/7

for more information , here's what " I think " is them :

Their Facebook, soon to be retired
Their Facebook Group; Active
Their Blogspot,..News ONLY



Welcome, Anonymous!,..

InternetPrivacy/حماية على الإنترنت
if you are going to use our images at least link to our discussion board. - anongroup.

( What are you talking about?? are  you sure you are "Anonymous" , and I don't mean the name you used on my blog,.. )
Have you checked the links provided??
I have posted every link the original supplier provided, I have links even to " Anonymous's " facebook that could be expired now "

and " What is this Us thing " ???
and one more thing,.. do not act stupid and say that the links were added after you posted the comment, because I would ask " Why Hadn't you provided any link of " us " ,..???? in your comment post ,..

 and what do you mean using " Your " pics??? it's got " in addition " to the link I got it from, the Url of the blog ??

Have you got certain issues ???

on this blog there's EVERY link of " Anonymous " That I found ,..
and common sense says : " that if I am talking about " Anonymous " I don't use pics of Tom & Jerry ,.. 
Commenting in Blogger is disabled sometimes, that's why I replied within the blog itself ,..

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  1. if you are going to use our images at least link to our discussion board. - anongroup.