Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Following Today's Top News

Saudi Arabia is aiming again at protesters demanding the release of political prisoners, and human rights,. at least 4 are seriously injured as result of life gunfire,.. I noticed something on the News fotos aired today. The Saudi Forces are using AK47's ,Not a weapon of choice for l for the Saudi military that prefers American and french weapons, .. 10's were seriously injured,
The Zionist Entity clashed with Black Robes, after they verbally insulted an 8  year old girl,While  they were also demanding laws for Sex segregation in all aspects of life,..
The Zionist Entity is planning to announce The whole of Jerusalem as a unified capital,.. word of advice,.. DO NOT do it,. remember that Armageddon will be against those who control Jerusalem and will be lead by those who will free it,..
“If they impose sanctions on Iran's oil, not even a drop of oil will be allowed through the Strait of Hormuz,” Iranian First Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi warned on Tuesday afternoon
A new ally the USA could use to say that Iran disrupt peace and stability in the region, forgetting that Iran does not live more than 7000 miles away and got hostile bases in countries that oppress people and step on every human right ever known to man, countries such as their closest of allies, the Kingdoms of Darkness , Saudi and Bahrain ,..
and that they better watch out what they say, because Oil supply will only get affected no matter what they say, insurance will sky rocket, shipping, industry, commerce, even military presence will be exosted ..

Hillary Clinton Admits that they , " USA Saudi Arabia, and others created alQaeda and used the Saudi extremism to supply the manpower ",..

The USA/Saudi Plot against democracy movement in Yemen is more clear than ever, Salih is expected to leave to the USA, " to give an opportunity to the last deal sponsored by Saudi Arabia of handing over the power to the Vice president " , The Military factions that were fighting him, together with AlAhmar family had dealt the protesters the same deadly blows that he had dealt them when was in power ,..
which really uncovered the entire plot and showed that " his half brothers " who were acting anti Salih, " AlAhmars " were part of that conspiracy to prolong the regime's life span , even though Salih may not be on top of the ruling Pyramid ,..

Bahrain/Saudi Arabia are still determined to stop civil movement in Bahrain, everything goes,.. Murder to firing people of their jobs for marching on protest,.. people killed from the age of 5 days, to no limit at all, oldest up to now is 80+ ,.. public workers,, hospital staff,.. human rights groups,.. no one is safe from the hatred of the Kingdoms of Darkness ,.. 

Syria has almost controlled the war that Terrorists waged on Hims, where 100's killed, mutilated, while the Arab League envoy arrives into the country, the security forces foiled infiltration attempts via the Turkish border, up to now, more than 2200 security forces were killed,.. a number need to be studded carefully ,..
The Envoy says, Syria is cooperative " up to know ", makes you wounder ,..

and to end this blog , here's Uncle Sam's latest joke ,.. ^_^
A federal district court in Manhattan yesterday entered a historic ruling that reveals new facts about Iran's support of al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks, ....

Maan, Them Americans must really act swiftly and make sure that all Rapid dogs, war mongers; never reach the white house ,.. Have they not yet???? ,.. :P

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accused the US of using the September 11 attacks as a pretext to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and to divert the American public opinion from its domestic issues. 

 President Ahmadinejad went on to say that part of the truth might be revealed if a true investigation to the 9/11 attacks is allowed by the United States.
So???, why won't you take up the Challenge m Uncle Sam???, what have you got to fear ????

واشنطن تقر بايجاد تنظيم القاعدة بافغانستان
 Prison Planet,
Search; Video,..
'Terrorism, a tool of dominant powers'

Search,.., Iran is behind 9/11, LMFAO

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