Monday, December 5, 2011

World's Longest Demonistrations in History

No One is above scrutiny, absolutely no one, and if you think that there is ; You are a tyrant, Hitler,.Satan, or what ever you wana call evil AkA,.. Tyranny , the source of all evil, because it targets Freedom,..
and by saying no one, I meant not a(the) supreme being , whether you call it, Hashem, God, Pachamama, Buddha, Devas or Devis, or a tyrant Monarch current or Demised ,..

Having said that ,..

Syrian Catholic Church,Kirkuk-Iraq
I am out raged and furious that whenever the Month of Muharram ; according to the Islamic unified Hijrah calender, all hell breaks loose against Shia Islamic sect world wide,... but especially so in the Persian Gulf States where the throne of the Killer tyrants, In Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan , where the Saudis and the Americans have strong holds of the public lives, and where Madrasas, and the Hateful schools funded by the Saudi regime, who's a regime that uses sectarian division to fan hate so they get the control they need to stay in power ,.

Sectarian, religious ignited hate has been, through out history , the weapon of choice for those tyrants , who " divide to conquer " ,
Church TelKuf Bombed in Iraq

But, one Group of people has always lived with this hate, whenever and wherever they existed ;
The Shia sect of Islam commemorate the martyrdom of the Prophet's of Islam Grand son, supposedly given this status as the head leader of the youth of paradise by all Muslims ,. yet he and his Family, fiew of their friends, total about 70, faced an army of 30000 Trained soldiers and all killed , the youngest was One month old, and the oldest was about 90,.. then women and children were abused , humiliated, the bodies of their beloved and beheaded men and women laid down unburied for 3 days, and they had to live one of the most hair raising Saga human kind ever faced , which I really recommend reading and researching, I myself have not yet covered all angles of this horrifying incident .. but I found this short blog which could be a fast track to it ,..

These Shia sects are with out a doubt the longest Human rights activists the human history has known, that of course if you consider that human rights could be different from time to time, which is not the case, but what I mean is that they have always been killed just for demonstrating peacefully by marches where their leaders got killed, buried, just to pray and say no to tyranny ,..

 Just today, 4 explosives backed cars took the lives of these peaceful demonstrators ,... and as always more is expected in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, wherever the Saudi regime has a religious Madrasas, institute, or where their hate igniting Cyber sites, or sat channels can be received ,.. and of course they are being derived of their human rights, has a media war going against them , slaughtered in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia ,.. which brings to mind that NONE of these hate blasts are to be found in Syria , where now it seems that is of no appeal to uncle  Sam and the Tyrants of the Persian Gulf, because it does undermined their plot of igniting hate wars ,..

and you know What:
in every hate bombing area/sectarian unrest/Violent intolerance to others,... I noticed the following:

1-Saudi Arabia and the USA has the most influence and are actually in " power "
2-The people used for these bombs got ties with the both of them, and follow the Saudi way of Islam
3-The Saudis since the beginning of their monarchs, destroyed all shrines of Muslims, Christians, Jews in the country, and they also tried to destroy them in Iraq, Syria, but had to face battles that even lead to the killing of an earlier king ...

Here are some examples :
other than the Twin towers , here's more ..
First, Shia/Christian Mosques, Churches and,..shrines in Iraq and the region, one example , some (Christians ) are already above

Bamyan Buddha statue destruction,Afghanistan

Burning down of AlAqsa mosque by the Zionists,.. 
Collective punishment of demolition of protesters homes is always carried out in Palestine
UpDate: It happened , anti human race and freedom of expression strike again , Just as I , and everyone else expected,.;. 2 car bombs took the lives of several, more deaths expected as most injuries are seriously critical ,.. Afghanistan ... Tue,Dec. 6/2011
I am outraged furious,
I mean how on Earth this is happening???
Why is this sectarian driven hate???

Why is that whenever the Month of Muharram m according to the Islamic Hijjrah calender , all hell breaks loose against people just practicing their right of demonstrations against Tyrants ,. In oneday 4 car bombs exploded in Iraq,.. others expected to follow wherever Shia people commemorate the Murders of an Idol of theirs,.. of Entire Islam,..

I have a lot to say, but overwhelmed by anger that was ignited by these hateful creatures who demonstrate and object by bombing other people ,..

I have a lot to say, but never enough,... therefore I will just settle for a blog ,..

I am so angry that I will not accept any attempts by those who do not condemn any hateful acts to explain that they do this and this , and say this about whoever it was,.. for I live by one motto, and one motto only ,...

NO one is above questioning and scrutiny,.. No one,.. and that fact that people get killed because they question the acts of some people through out history ,.. is something I will never accept or tolerate,.. it's Tyranny,.. the very one that I am here against ,.. if you got a cause, defend it logically,.. not by killing those who think different than the believe you were brought up to live by and trust ,..
Syria has never ignited hate, they got a constitution that protects the right of worship, never destroyed any sacred place of any sect,.. the People are multi religion multi sect societies,..

Saudi Arabia is all Autocratic alienating entity,.. no one got a right outside what the prehistoric sect of theirs even allowed to exist ,.  Yet??? the USA is going all for Saudi Arabia ,.. tells a LOT ..
Joke?? Democracies that got no Constitutions??PressTV:
'UK, US devising arms to wipe off races'
Blasts on Tasu'a kill 29, injure 59 in Iraq
Thank you PressTv, since you came up on Line,.. I got a concious eye, and things are never the same
and you OfCom Dummies,.. Hands off PressTV

بإختصار ::

ليس هناك أحد فوق أن يخضع مايقوله للفحص والإنتقاد , كائنا من كان هذا الأحد , عابدا كان أو معبودا , وإن مصادرة حرية الفكر والنقاش ثم  تفجير المخالف هو علامة عجز عن التابع العابد , ووصمة عار في جبين المعبود الذي يأمر أتباعه بقتل كل مخالف ... إتهام لا أرضى أبدا أن ألصقه بالله , الذي جاء بالكلمة وتحدى بالكلمة على الكلمة , ولم يقتل عليها , ولم يهدد من جاء يسأل ويشكك , لأن هذا هو ماأراد .. أن يسأل الناس ويتعايشوا ويتعارفوا ... حتى وقد كان بعضهم ضد ماأمر .. ارادهم أن يعيشوا بسلام وأنهم سواسية ,اكرهم لديه هو من يقرر .. لكن هؤلاء الذين يقتلون ويفجرون أخصام الفكر , هم أدنى مرتبة من الحيوانات , لأنهم تضاءلوا حتى عن مستوى الغريزة الحيوانية في القتل للحاجة , وأصبح القتل والتفجير بالنسبة لهم وسيلة حياة ودليل عجز وعلامة أنهم ابدا ليسوا من بني البشر .. الذين تميزوا عن جميع الحيوانات بالفكر , ومقارعة الحجة بالحجة .. والنقاش بالمنطق ... ليس بكشف الدناءة المتأصلة في نفوسهم , أو لأن هذه الوسيلة الدنيئة هي مايحافظ على كراسي ملكهم , أو يكعمهم الفتات الممجوج من موائد الحكام اللئام , وهذا أدنى مرتبة حتى من أدنى حاكم ويكون بقاءهم رهنا بقتل من عرفهم وكشفهم .. أن فكرهم هو فكر دون البهيمية ...

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