Monday, January 9, 2012

Death penalty Must Halt

Death penalty has always been a form of punishment, from steeling , to getting rid of Political adversary ,.
and it seems that it is being used now to tarnish Islam

and just to make quick points , since the subject is flammable and I myself will be called a " Revert " from Islam who deserve to be killed just for writing this , and to make the subject less cluttered and confusing , I'll continue the subject as points and not expand ,.,

Islam does NOT encourage the implementation of Death penalty, in fact it orders against carrying out any death penalty, amputations, lashing, stoning , and all as such ,..

It Clearly say " Look for doubts " not to carry out punishments
In Islamic laws, the Judge is the accused's advocate, and it is up to law enforcements and the accuser to prove their allegations beyond " any doubt ",.. not just a " reasonable " doubt that maybe used against them.
and since Death penalty is used, has been used, and will continue to be used as a mean to git rid off political adversaries,.. this alone is an enough reason to ban it by Islam ,..

In Islam, at least two witnesses, or a confession is needed ,.. and even when proven , the murderer can be acquitted by the next of kin,.. and one acquittal is enough to take off the death penalty and save the murderer's life ,.. but the State " Must compensate " the family of the deceased from the treasury ,..

but this ofcourse, for example in Saudi Arabia, where anything can lead to death has been looked over, and some loops are used to carry out the death penalty even though the person, persons confessed to the murder had been acquitted by deceased's  Family ..

And for these reasons I do believe that Death penalty should halt
and that ,.. Death penalty isn't really a goal by itself, but is a deterrent,. and with the new technologies available now, this can be achieved by means other than killing people,..

But, I think, Judges, state officials, policemen, witnesses , prosecutors, state leaders who lead in one way or another to the death of innocent people and they themselves were advocate of the death penalty should be tried and sentenced accordingly ,... Many people have been found innocent after they were killed ,.. we need   better peace keepers, law inforcement officials,.. better lives, people steel because they need to, politicians steel when they don't, yet Saudi Arabia cut off the hands of the poor  and protect the rich

Death penalty is being used according to a political agenda, many innocent people are killed , and Islam is very clear on this " He who kills one innocent is as if he killed all,.. "

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