Tuesday, November 29, 2011

USA is on the Brink of an Economical abyss

SCA N905NA in 1978, with American pinstriping

Today29 November 2011, AMR Corporation filed for Chapter 11 reorganization bankruptcy

How significant is this step?? and who/what is AMR
Bare with me :
 AMR  is parant of AA, "American Airlines "
AMR and AA have the same CEO; Gerald Arpey
American Airlines is a subsidiary of the AMR Corporation and is headquartered in Fort Worth,
 Air America

Owned and operated by many Federal agencies including the CIA, who really started the project openly, Air America was an American passenger and cargo airline established in 1950 and covertly owned and operated by the CIA,AMR=Air America Corporation و

so?? the fall of such huge asset to the USA government, means that the Economy is 10000 times worse than they say it is,.. it means that the USA cannot even fund their federal agencies, or even safe them, or to say the least cannot operate them anymore and need the money some where else

So?? Now you would understand why they really are freaked out, want a war in the region, sending their dogs out on Syria, and protecting the Tyrants who got the money,.. The USA has reach this exact limit of frustration, but again,.. the American public, doesn't know,.. and Newt Gingrich is running for presidency, GB, Jr, only more stupid,.. how much can the USA afford by being such idiotic war wager ???

إعلان إفلاس " التقدم بإعلان إفلاس " إير أمريكا كوربوريشن " المالكة للعديد من خطوط الطيران القوية , بما فيها طيران " أميريكان إيرلاينز " الذي يعتبر الممون الأساسي لها وأحد مصادر دخلها , وميزانيتها , والشركة الأم وكالات فيدرالية مختلفة من أهما وكالة المعلومات والإستخبارات الأمريكية
دليل على عمق الأزمة الإقتصادية الأمريكية , ووصولها إلى حد تهديد الأمن القومي الأمريكي
ولعل هذا الأمر يوضح لنا سعارهم في الهجوم على مواقع الصمود في المنطقة , ودعمهم أنظمة الإستبداد النفطية , وحاولة محاصرة النظام المالي العالمي ... وهو دليل أن أميريكا وصلت إلى حد أنها لا بد لها من حرب , تخسرها أو تنتصر فيها ... لأن لاخيار آخر أمامها ...

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Syria-X-Yeman, Syria-X-Bahrain Fall of the Titans

First thing I noticed when writing this blog is the huge media coverage of the USA and Israel of the Shameful sanctions imposing on Syria , also came to mind the Saudi Peace initiative , that came to safe Israel after their defeat in Lebanon in 2006 ,first was initialized in 2002, then just to make Israel look good they revived it, launched it and could not get Israel to fall in love with it .. in both cases the Arabs came to rescue Israel ,..

        Let's first look at some references, Syria as opposed to Yeman :
More civilians death by Salih, less military deaths than the Syrians, almost 1000 , pic above is the latest air men,.. which make arguing  for some super intelligence power, or enemy behind it, also is more like that the killing of the son of the Grand Mufti of Syria, the Assassinations of professors, high ranking military and political figures,.. none of  those were to be found in Yemen ,..

        Yet Saudi Arabia was all behind Salih , and the same people who stood against Syria were backing Salih, each and everyone of them,, .. about 20-30000 Yemenis killed, but that didn't even make Saudi Arabia, and the Arab League flinch ,... WHY??? What is so different in Yeman ??

       two things :
                       They can use Yemen as a sectarian war base,( but they cannot do this in secular Syria, where people are free to practice their faith protected by law )  hence , they have lost the war against Huthis; and even though this sect is not a minority in Yemen and are of the same sect of Salih, they can be in power and social life of Yemen as long as Salih exist and prevent a connection between the different opposition groups from both the South and the North.

         The second most important difference is , Israel,.. Syria is the Shield against Israel, and after both wars on Lebanon and Gaza, the USA and Israel  Knew that their existence and winning the forth coming war comes on Syria's well being ,.. so Syria must be weakened to the point that people go hungry, the country cannot spend more money on arming the resistance groups,.. and Iraq, should not be allowed to have a safe passage to Syria to connected with the other super power supporting the resistance ,..

          Another example that continues to Shadow the Arab League's claim of protecting the citizens, is Bahrain, and as long as Bahrain is defying human rights the Arab League will not win this war for Israel,..
              In Bahrain, a prime minster in power for 40 years, how could Bahrain claim democracy in this case, about 27 islands, only a handful is accessible by Bahrainis, the rest is royal property ,..
and of course Syria is not Bahrain because the same situation in Bahrain is present in the Persian Gulf states,.. Demonstrations is prohibited by law, and considered a religious Taboo by the Saudis,.. just Yesterday UAE has sentenced a number of activists to 5 years, Saudi Arabia sentenced tens to 30 years,.. Killed with direct sniper shots to the head 4 activists, Both are in Bahrain supporting the Regime against the public Demands and democracy seekers, killing protesters along side the Bahrini army ,..
In a nutshell , These Sanctions against Syria are , plain and simple , Military and economical aid to Israel 

بإختصار : دائما ماوجدنا الجامعة العربية في مواقف لايمكن الشك فيها تنهض وتنتفض لتفك غسرائيل من ضغوطات وعزلة إقتصادية وعسكرية , رأينا هذا في إعادة إحياء المبادرة العربية بعد هزيمة إسرائيل في لبنان , واستعدادها لحرب غزة , رأيناها في هذا الوضع فيكل مرة يكون هناك نظام عربي يفضح سياساتهم الملكية ضد شعوبهم , مع ناصر , ومع الثورة في إيران حيث كانوا قبلها يستأذنون الشاه في الاستحمام الصباحي , رأيناهم وصدام يهينهم , ورأيناهم الآن في سوريا وهم يمدون يد العون لإسرائيل حتى تقطع صلة العراق بسوريا وامتدادهما إيران , في سلسلة تؤدي إلى تحرير فلسطين , ومنع الإمدادات للمقاومة , والدليل كثافة هذا الهجوم على هذا المحور في كل هذا الوقت , وتجاهل القتلى في البحرين واليمن , وفعل كل مايلزم لإنقاذ صالح وتغطية , بل تشريع القتل في البحرين والسعودية , رأيناهم كيف سارعوا إلى إنقاذ مبارك وإيواء بن علي , أما القذافي فكانت غلطته أنه حاول قتل الملك السعودي والا كان الآن يضحك معهم في جدة والمنامة وغيرها ... رأينا الجامعة العربية دائما في قرارات مشبوهة ..... فقط هذه المرة نراهم فعلا تحت أقدام الصهاينة,   

                       جامعة الدول العربية كمن صغر صورة الملايين الذين أيدوا رئيسهم وإصلاحاته كمن يغطي عينه ليظن أن الشمس غائبة , جموع لو اجتمع جميع القادة في الجامعة العربية لما وجدوا ربع هذا التأييد من شعوبهم , وصل الغباء بهم أن يظنوا أنهم يتخذون خطوة كهذه الخطوة تعارض حتى ميثاق الجامعة , كما بالضبط تعالاض قوانين مجلس التهاون تدخل قوات ضد شعوبها , لكنهم حتى وهم يناقضون أنفسهم في فيديو أمير الكويت وهو يوضح هذا الأمر , يناقضون انفسهم ضد قوانين الجامعة
The Arab League has only pixilated the scene (PIC), but they can never dare deny the millions who support their president and the reforms he promised that people believe and support, which when completed will show the Arabs, the real slaves to Israel and allies ,..

وآخـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــر الكلام
and .... the Final word

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

UnDoubtedly; The Saudis are committing Crimes against Humanity

Photo: "People Demand the Fall of Sectarian Based "Political" System", Lebanon,.. Something Saudi Arabia has always used to stay in power, Used it against Iran in the war with Iraq, as did all Tyrants, Mubarak, Ali, Salih, AlKhalifa ,..They used it to support Salih against the Huthis, not a minority in Yemen but do not approve the Taliban/AlQaeda Islamism that the Saudi breach,.. a form of hate even AlAzhar establishment, more than 1000 years old Islamic school in Egypt sees as threat to world peace ,... it's a weapon of choice in Saudi Arabia where one sect controls everything , and no religion or believe is allowed into the country as a full practicing existent ,..

   When you see the Saudi regime these days fighting off the international discontent with their human rights abuse, killing of activists, Interfering for all tyrants and protecting them, Like Salih in Yemen, when they impose Sanctions as they are the power behind the Arab League , against Syria, when in fact that Syria is a sectarian state where all believes and religions have the right " by law" to practice their faith,.. and be protected by the government ,..

This video link here challenging the authority hate driven reasoning of killing 4 , until now of activists in Saudi Arabia, and life Jail sentences to others, you see " Arabic " only ,.. how the hate message is flooding every activist page , and the labeling of " treason " , Non Muslim, Kafir , pagans, Jew, Cross huger , is they way they portray all civil movements ,..

These hate Propaganda of the regime is undoubtedly " Crimes against Humanity " ;

(h) Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of the Court;
(i) Enforced disappearance of persons;
(j) The crime of apartheid;
(k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.

Clearly as you will notice when reading what is considered a crime against humanity that the Saudi regime is one regime that would get the championship, uncontested had their been one for such crimes ,.. it is in VIOLATION of the whole lot .

In Bahrain where the " Peninsula Shield " has no business by being there according to HH the Emir of Kuwait who stated in this Video that it's illegal
the upper pic also as always uses the sectarian slogans to cheer the military forces running down the protester ,.. some other undisputed evidence of using the sectarian weapon against human rights demands is destroying worship places, books, doesn't matter if it is the Book of the Quran printed in Saudi Arabia, so long they can say it's different and actually get away with it ,..

A Crime in Saudi Arabia always used to impose death penalty and a charge always used to get rid of oppositions and activists, used here at well to incite hate ,..

إن كل مقومات وتفصيلا وتعريفات " جرائم ضد الإنسانية " تحت طائلة الملاحقة القانونية بواسطة محكمة العدل والسلامة الدولية متواجدة بدون شك في تعاملات السعودية مع المطالب الحقوقية وفي عملها كقوة محتلة في دول أخرى , مثل اليمن , البحرين
ومن أهم هذه النقاط 

ملفات مهمة:

ماهي أنواع الجرائم التي تخضع لإختصاص المحكمة الجنائية الدولية؟
وفقا لتعبير النظام الأساسي، يقتصر اختصاص المحكمة على أشد الجرائم خطورة موضع اهتمام المجتمع الدولي بأسره. وللمحكمة بموجب النظام الأساسي اختصاص النظر في الجرائم التالية: جريمة الإبادة الجماعية، الجرائم ضد الإنسانية، جرائم الحرب، وجريمة الاستيطان. وفيما يلي إلقاء بعض الضوء على هذه الجرائم.
** جريمة الإبادة الجماعية؛
وتعنى الإبادة الجماعية أي من الأفعال الآتية متى ارتكب بقصد إهلاك جماعة قومية أو ثنية أو عرقية أو دينية، بصفتها هذه إهلاكا كلياً أو جزئياً:
1.قتل أفراد الجماعة.
2.إلحاق ضرر جسدي أو عقلي جسيم بأفراد الجماعة.
3.إخضاع الجماعة عمداً لأحوال معيشية بقصد إهلاكها الفعلي كلياً أو جزئياً.
4.فرض تدابير تستهدف منع الإنجاب داخل الجماعة.
5.نقل أطفال الجماعة عنوة إلى جماعة أخرى.
** الجرائم ضد الإنسانية؛
هناك العديد من الأفعال التي تشكل جريمة ضد الإنسانية. وتعتبر جريمة ضد الإنسانية تلك التي ترتكب ضد أية مجموعة من السكان المدنيين وعن علم بالهجوم. وبرغم وجود بعض التشابه بين أفعال الجريمة ضد الإنسانية جريمة الإبادة ا لجماعية، إلا ان تلك الأولى أضيق نطاقاً في أنها ترتكب ضد جماعة عرقية أو اثنية أو دينية...الخ.
ومن أمثلة الأفعال التي تشكل جريمة ضد الإنسانية الأفعال الآتية:
1.القتل العمد.
4.إبعاد السكان أو النقل القسري للسكان.
5.السجن أو الحرمان الشديد على أي نحو أخر من الحرية البدنية بما يخالف القواعد الأساسية للقانون الدولي.
7.الاغتصاب أو الاستعباد الجنسي، أو الإكراه على البغاء، أو الحمل القسري، أو التعقيم القسري، أو أي شكل أخر من أشكال العنف الجنسي على مثل هذه الدرجة من الخطورة.
8.الاختفاء القسري للأشخاص.
9.جريمة الفصل العنصري.
10.الأفعال اللا إنسانية الأخرى ذات الطابع المماثل التي تتسبب عمداً في معاناة شديدة أو أي آذى خطير يلحق بالجسم أو بالصحة العقلية أو البدنية.
11.اضطهاد أية جماعة محددة أو مجموع محدد من السكان لأسباب سياسية أو عرقية أو قومية أو اثنية أو ثقافية أو دينية أو متعلقة بنوع الجنس أو لأسباب أخرى من المسلم عالمياً ان القانون الدولي لا يجيزها. وذلك فيما يتصل بأي فعل مشار إليه في هذه الفقرة أو بأية جريمة تدخل في اختصاص المحكمة.
** جرائم الحرب؛
ويكون للمحكمة اختصاص فيما يتعلق بجرائم الحرب ، ولا سيما عندما ترتكب في إطار خطة أو سياسة عامة أو في إطار عملية ارتكاب واسعة النطاق لهذه الجرائم.
وتعنى " جرائم الحرب " :
أ. الانتهاكات الجسيمة لاتفاقيات جنيف المؤرخة 12 آب / أغسطس 1949 أي أي فعل من الأفعال التالية ضد الأشخاص أو الممتلكات الذين تحميهم أحكام اتفاقية جنيف ذات الصلة مثل:
1.القتل العمد .
2.التعذيب أو المعاملة اللاإنسانية بما في ذلك إجراء تجارب بيولوجية .
3.القيام عمدا بإحداث معاناة شديدة أو إصابات خطيرة بالجسم أو بالصحة .
4.التحاق تدمير واسع النطاق بالممتلكات والاستيلاء عليها دون أن تكون ضرورة عسكرية تبرر ذلك وبالمخالفة للقانون وبطريقة عابثة .
5.إرغام أي أسير حرب أو أي شخص مشمول بالحماية على الخدمة في صفوف قوات دولة معادية .
6.تعمد حرمان أي أسير حرب أو أي شخص مشمول بالحماية من حقه في أن يحاكم محاكمة عادلة ونظامية .
7.الإبعاد أو النقل غير المشروعين أو الحبس غير المشروع .
8.أخذ الرهائن .
9.تعمد توجيه هجمات ضد السكان المدنيين بصفتهم تلك وكذلك ضد الأفراد المدنيين الذين لا يشاركون مباشرة في الأعمال الحربية .
10.تعمد توجيه هجمات ضد منشآت مدنية لا تشكل أهدافا عسكرية .
11.تعمد شن هجمات ضد موظفين أو منشآت أو مواد أو وحدات أو مركبات في مهمة من مهام المساعدة الإنسانية أو حفظ السلام عملا بميثاق الأمم المتحدة ويستحقون الحماية التي يتمتع بها المدنيون أو المواقع المدنية بموجب القانون الدولي للمنازعات المسلحـة .
12.تعمد شن هجوم مع العلم بأن هذا الهجوم سيسفر عن خسائر تبعية في الأرواح أو إصابات بين المدنيين أو عن إلحاق ضرر بأهداف مدنية أو إحداث ضرر واسع النطاق وطويل الأجل وشديد للبيئة الطبيعية يكون إفراطاً واضحاً بالقياس إلى مجمل المكاسب العسكرية الملموسة والمباشرة المتوقعة .
13.مهاجمة أو قصف المدن أو القرى أو المساكن أو المباني العزلاء والتي لا تكون أهدافاً عسكرية بأية وسيلة كانت .
14.قتل أو جرح مقاتل ألقى سلاحه أو لم تعد لديه وسيلة للدفاع أو أستسلم مختاراً.
15.إساءة استعمال علم الهدنة أو علم العدو أو شارته العسكرية أو زيه العسكري أو علم الأمم المتحدة أو شاراتها وأزيائها وكذلك الشعارات المميزة لاتفاقيات جنيف مما يسفر عن قتل الأفراد أو إلحاق إصابات بالغة بهم .
16.قيام الدولة القائمة بالاحتلال - على نحو مباشر أو غير مباشر -بنقل أجزاء من سكانها إلي الأرض التي تحتلها أو إبعاد أو نقل كل سكان الأرض المحتلة أو أجزاء منهم داخل هذه الأرض أو خارجها .
17. تعمد توجيه الهجمات ضد المباني المخصصة للأغراض الدينية أو التعليمية أو الفنية أو العلمية أو الخيرية أو المعالم التاريخية ، أو المستشفيات أو أماكن تجمع المرضى والجرحى ، شريطة ألا تكون تلك الأماكن مستخدمة آنذاك لأغراض عسكرية.
18.إخضاع الأشخاص الموجودين تحت سلطة الطرف الخصم للتشويه البدني أو لأي نوع من التجارب الطبية أو العلمية التي لا تبررها المعالجة الطبية أو معالجة الأسنان أو المعالجة في المستشفى للشخص المعنى والتي لا تجرى لصالحه والتي تتسبب في وفاة ذلك الشخص أو أولئك الأشخاص أو في تعريض صحتهم للخطر .
19.قتل أفراد منتمين إلى دولة معادية أو جيش معاد أو إصابتهم غدراً .
20.إعلان انه لن يبقي أحد علي قيد الحياة .
21.تدمير ممتلكات العدو أو الاستيلاء عليها ما لم يكن هذا التدمير أو الاستيلاء مما تحتمه ضرورات الحرب .
22.إعلان أن حقوق ودعاوى رعايا الطرف المعادى ملغاة أو معلقة أو غير مقبولة في أي محكمة .
23.إجبار رعايا الطرف المعادى علي الاشتراك في عمليات حربية موجهة ضد بلدهم حتى وان كانوا قبل نشوب الحرب في خدمة الدولة المحاربة .
24.نهب أي بلدة أو مكان حتى لو تم الاستيلاء عليه عنوة .
25.استخدام السموم أو الأسلحة المسممة .
26.استخدام الغازات الخانقة أو السامة أو غيرها من الغازات وجميع ما في حكمها من السوائل أو المواد أو الأجهزة .
27.استخدام الرصاصات التي تتمدد أو تتسطح بسهولة في الجسم البشرى مثل الرصاصات ذات الأغلفة الصلبية التي لا تغطى كامل جسم الرصاصة أو الرصاصات المحززة الغلاف .
28.استخدام الأسلحة أو القذائف أو المواد أو الأساليب التي تسبب بطبيعتها أضرارا زائدة أو آلاما لا لزوم لها أو تكون عشوائية بطبيعتها بالمخالفة للقانون الدولي للمنازعات المسلحة بشرط أن تكون هذه الأسلحة والقذائف والمواد والأساليب الحربية موضع حظر شامل وان تدرج في مرفق لهذا النظام الأساسي ،عن طريق تعديل يتفق والأحكام ذات الصلة الواردة في المادتين 121 و123 .
29.الاعتداء علي كرامة الشخص ،وبخاصة المعاملة المهينة والحاطة بالكرامة .
30.الاغتصاب أو الاستعباد الجنسي أو الإكراه علي البغاء أو الحمل القسري علي النحو المعرف في الفقرة 2 (و) من المادة 7 ، أو التعقيم القسري أو أي شكل آخر من أشكال العنف الجنسي يشكل أيضا انتهاكا خطيرا لاتفاقيات جنيف .
31.استغلال وجود شخص مدني أو أشخاص آخرين متمتعين بحماية لإضفاء الحصانة من العمليات العسكرية علي نقاط أو مناطق أو قوات عسكرية معينة.
32.تعمد توجيه هجمات ضد المباني والمواد والوحدات الطبية ووسائل النقل والأفراد من مستعملي الشعارات المميزة المبينة في اتفاقيات جنيف طبقا للقانون الدولي .
33.تعمد تجويع المدنيين كأسلوب من أساليب الحرب بحرمانهم من المواد التي لا غني عنها لبقائهم ، بما في ذلك تعمد عرقلة الإمدادات الغوثية علي النحو المنصوص عليه في اتفاقيات جنيف .
34.تجنيد الأطفال دون الخامسة عشرة من العمر إلزاميا أو طوعيا في القوات المسلحة الوطنية أو استخدامهم للمشاركة فعليا في الأعمال الحربية .
** جريمة العدوان ( م 5)
للأسف الشديد لم يتم التحديد النهائي لمضمون وأركان جريمة العدوان، وتراوغ بعض الدول في تحديد هذا المفهوم. وكان من المفترض ان تناقش الدورة التحضيرية الثامنة، التي عقدت في سبتمبر 2001، جريمة العدوان( بعد ان تم تشكيل لجنة لمناقشته). وقد آثرت أحداث 11 سبتمبر في الولايات المتحدة على الموضوع وعطلت حسم مسألة العدوان. واشتملت الاقتراحات على وجود دور لمحكمة العدل الدولية في تحديد مفهومه، ووجود دور لمجلس الأمن أو الجمعية العامة للأمم المتحدة بطلب فتوى من محكمة العدل الدولية. وملخص الجدال يتركز في عدم تحديد قاطع لجريمة العدوان، والاعتماد على التحديد الإجرائي لها والتعريفات السابقة في القانون الدولي.
ويذكر ان الدول العربية والعديد من دول العالم الثالث يعدوا من أهم المدافعين عن وجود تحديد قاطع لجريمة العدوان. ومن ابرز النقاط التي تقترح الدول العربية إدخالها جريمة الاستيطان بوصفها أحد أشكال العدوان وليس الغزو المسلح فقط. كما ان بعض الدول الكبرى ( مثل الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية) ترى في وجود هذا التعريف 
القاطع خطورة على رجالها العسكريين.

Beheading a women in Saudi Arabia ,.. and lower photo, a rare photo of secret excution, a method always used to get rid of political adversaries i the Kingdome, despite what others know, public executions are only carried  out rarely,.. while Hidden ones are always the way the regime goes about it
In a NUTSHELL , Saudi Arabia can and will be prosecuted for both Crimes against Humanity , and war Crimes combined, for their acts in Bahrain, Yaman, and else where

بإختصار : إن المملكة العربية السعودية تقع في اختصاص محاكم " جرائم الحرب " وكذلك , " الجرائم ضد الإنسانية " بما تنتهجه ضد مواطنيها وتواجدها في دول كاليمن والبحرين .. 

Note: Pics of executions could not be confirmed
الرجاء ملاحظة أن صور الإعدامات لم يتم التأكد منها,, :

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Who are HRW exactly????

 The page is Human rights Watch on Facebook ,

The issue is this :

        HRW decided that an Israeli Film Festival is worthy of their unlimited support m even though the likes " when I saw this was less than 400 people " ,.. when the 1500000 people of Gaza; women and children do not have even rooftops to shield their fragile bodies from the cold,.. nothing to quench their thirst,.. and no food to fill their little bellies ,..

It's OK, for human rights watch to help  the rich who kill the innocent get richer ,.. but will not even post a " lift the Blockade on Gaza " page on their wall and likes ,...

Photo: 3 of the 4 Human Rights Activists killed by The Saudi Police snipers

فجأة وجدت منظمة " حقوق الإنسان الدولية " نفسها تقرر أن مهرجانا صغير للأفلام في إسرائيل يستحق إهتمامها أكثر من غزة المحاصرة , وقتلى القوات البحرينية والسعودية
ليس على صفحتهم على الفيسبووك ولا أي رابط لصفحات دولية تنادي برفع الحصار عن 1500000 في غزة , لكنها تجد أن دعم أقل من 400 إنسان " معجبين بصفحة المهرجان الإسرائيلي " أهم كثير ا ..

What the Page of the Festival say about themselves,.. Please read through, and DO NOT let the outer shell fool you ,.. for Example they say nothing about Palestine,.. they clearly State Israel " Jewish State " in direct contradiction to the UN resolutions,.. It Say nothing about settlement,.. all in all ,.. It's just away to enlist more agents ,.. that's how I see it,.. and also is a mean  for other things : .. here what they exactly said on the Page, word for word,.. and if anything is changed,.. They DID it ,.. " ..... and all besides the Obvious,.. WHY isn't their a page talking about Gaza siege and people KILLED trying to get medicine, food and shelter for the Kids of Gaza???

أسست في
Founded in 2007, The Other Israel Film Festival uses film to foster social awareness and cultural understanding. The Festival presents dramatic and documentary films, as well as engaging panels about history, culture, and identity on the topic of minority populations in Israel with a focus on Arab citizens of Israel/Palestinian Citizen's of Israel, who make up twenty percent of Israel's population. Our goal is to promote awareness and appreciation of the diversity of the state of Israel, provide a dynamic and inclusive forum for exploration of, and dialogue about populations in margins of Israeli society, and encourage cinematic expression and creativity dealing with these themes. Our programming is guided by our mission to showcase quality cinema that brings to the big screen the human stories and daily lives of Arab Citizens and other minorities groups in Israel, often overlooked by mainstream Israeli society and culture.

The Other Israel Film Festival was founded to be a vehicle for cultural change and social insights into the nature of Israel as a democracy and the complex condition of the lives of its minorities that are living in the Jewish Sate. Israel's largest minority within its midst is the 1.7 million Arabs. In its 60 years of existence Israel has fostered another group of people who have put down roots in Israel and have born their Hebrew speaking children in its boundaries - Israel's 300,000 foreign workers. It is not about the conflict - it is not about taking sides - this festival is about people.

Film can be a powerful tool, it can show new sides, change perceptions, and evoke emotions. Through the use of film we are provided with a human dimension that extends beyond the daily news bulletins. Film can explore the deeper meaning of everyday living. Through these films, the festival aims to present the lives, dreams and strengths of the Arab minority and to show their participation in Israeli life. Foreign workers present a unique condition in Israeli society and we aim to familiarize our audience with the faces of "foreign workers."

I care deeply about Israel and its future. Growing up in a democratic Jewish state has without any doubt shaped the cultural and national identity of all of its inhabitants and citizens - who know no other home. These films and artistic expressions are paving the way to co-existence and a new, more inclusive culture in the Middle East.

Carole Zabar
البريد الإلكتروني

تسجيلات الإعجاب والاهتمامات

تسجيلات الإعجاب
92nd Street Y, Israel Online Ambassadors - נציגי ישראל ברשת, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Omanoot - Israel Through Art, United With Israel, ynet, ConstellationTV, Givat Haviva, The Abraham Fund, HEEB Magazine, FlatRate Moving, Buy Israel Week, 20s & 30s at The JCC in Manhattan, Film School by Phone, ORAM, Consulate General of Israel in New York, Film Festival Today, ycrop, Jewschool, Israeli Film, Israel Film Center, Human Rights Campaign, Occupy Wall St., The Jewish Daily Forward, American Jewish World Service, Jewish Voice for Peace, The Jewish Week, The Public Theater, Film Society of Lincoln Center, JCC Film, iPatchman, cultureID, The JCC in Manhattan, Health2Social, Haifa International Film Festival | פסטיבל הסרטים הבינלאומי חיפה, The Young Professionals Group of the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation, Chetzi Chetzi - חצי חצי, Columbia Alumni Arts League (CAAL), Columbia University College Democrats, Columbia University School of General Studies Alumni, Columbia University School of General Studies, CUArts, Columbia Daily Spectator, Middle East Monitor, Free Speech TV, Debra Winger, Sofi Tsedaka, Benny Morris, Gideon Levy, Clara Khoury, Sayed Kashua, Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman, Mohammad Bakri, Mira Awad, SocDoc Studios, Jpost.com Front Page Updates (The Jerusalem Post), The New York Times, Haaretz, Children's Rights Institute, Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development, America-Israel Cultural Foundation, HOT הוט, Link TV, Search for Common Ground, SUNY Purchase, Taub Center for Israel Studies at NYU, New Israel Fund, Rabbis for Human Rights-NA/K'vod Habriot: A Jewish Human Rights Network, Meretz USA for Civil Rights and Peace in Israel, Society for the Advancement of Judaism (SAJ), Leitner Center for International Law and Justice, Intersections, Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel, J Street, Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, Human Rights Watch, B'Tselem בצלם, Ameinu, 92YTribeca, Jerusalem Film Festival, New York International Latino Film Festival, New York City Greek Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, דוקאביב גליל... و72‏ أخرى

ماسبق هو نسخ من صفحة المهرجان الإسرائيلي ( الروابط تم نسخها معها من الصفحة لا أتحمل مسؤولية ماتؤدي إليه ), يظهرون أنفسهم بأنهم يقصدون حوار ومشاركة , لكن بقراءة معمقة يظهر هدفهم

Read and weep :

Occupy wall street is Anti Jewish anti Semitic

William Kristol of the Emergency Committee for Israel, which falsely claimed Occupy Wall Street is antisemitic, is speaking at the URJ Biennial next month. Can I get a mic check???
يتحدث ريستول وليام "لجنة الطوارئ" لإسرائيل، التي ادعت زورا "تشغل وول ستريت" هو المعادية للسامية، في "فترة السنتين يوري" الشهر المقبل. يمكن الحصول على شيك هيئة التصنيع العسكري؟؟؟ (‎Translated by Bing‎)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Human Rights is a hostile foreign Agenda

This has always been the case through out the history of mankind, people who are struggling for their human rights will always be branded as, traitors, working a hostile foreign agenda, since the dawn of history, through the Roman, Hitler, Mubarak and ali, everywhere and every zone of the Globe

and this is what the Saudi Regime has been doing all along, a favourite weapon of choice for two reasons:

1-The secular hate they created since the very beggining of the Establishment of their Dynisty , evident in schools, mosques, Media, .. every where, and is fueled by the minute, just for a time like this when they need it.

2-It is ALWAYS a way of passing death sentences against all who participate in any human rights activity..
  These two reasons and methods the regime see as their ultimate guarantee of survival since the country is so divided into clans, tribes, believes that it is very convenient to use them on each other and weaken all ,.

and in this category was the statement issued by the Ministry of Interior on the killing of 4 activists, injuring 10,'s and jailing 100's , and since the " Royal Decree " ; statements issued by MI, and all ministries held by a royal has the magnitude of a royal decree,.. since then , pages on facebook for the activists, Forums, Tv Talk shows, Schools, Media , .. is inciting hate against the minorities, bluntly issuing death threats, and of course the regime is happy and relaxed

But the question everyone needs to ask the government, Why is it then that the opposition is all across the rainbow of the public, all sorts of people, lives, tribes, and sects, " pic above 4 example " ?

Another question would be,

Why don't you Nazis , Give people their dignity, their human statue that you have robbed along the years??
Give them their share of their wealth " The Royals publicly say that the Oil wealth of the country was given to them by God, in a " Revelation " dream their Father saw after attending to some poor woman when he was fleeing his birth place to Kuwait then m before starting his campaign with the help of the British to over throw all who were opposed to the presence of the British in the region " ,.. I am not making this up,.. this is true,.. wana see it?? ask for the tapes of when the war on Iraq to free Kuwait, I have seen some of those lately , and Fahad, the King then said that on the official TV channel ,..

Why doncha first give the people their rights, the regime will NOT even have a written constitution, so that death penalty and harsh sentences could be carried out at well ..

The regimes opposes an elected Parliament, Civil rights movements, no, Civil nothing in the country, an all of the sort is outlawed and marked as western pagans way of life ..

Women even can't drive, their off springs are superior to them, for they will need their approval to travel or practice and daily activities ..

Why doncha then Give the people all of that, and it's not much since it's their any way,..

Then ,... Only Then , we may listen when you say that they are working a foreign Agenda ,..

Portraying Islam as the Enemy, Mark the Cartoon  " AlSaud Family, add minorities heads , and you get exactly who they are " ,...Please see here and here for articles related to this pic,..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Death of a Princess

Hiding: The princess fears she and the daughter she had with a lover would be killed if they returned to Jeddah, where the man she was forced to marry lives

مقتل أميرة

The soldier who was killed in 2004 in Iraq and who is wrongly named as the girl's father on her birth certificate

on Movie archives

The Religious Policeman

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USA is killing Saudis by the Hands of AlSaud

Update :

Started blog here :

World Children Day is Children Killing day in PG

Two more confirmed death by Saudi gun fire, upper pic direct gun shot wounds, could be brain dead, update will follow, final toll can never be confirmed, for the Saudi Regime hold the dead bodies

Muneeb AlAdnan, 20 years, note the shot on the back of the head; a sign of an intentional kill mentality of the Saudi Regime,

 Ali Abdullah Grairis, 26 years

 Toll of death is expected to rise, Many are fatelly wounded ,.. time/Date of this blog, Wed, Nov.24/2011 @ 22:40 GMT

The Saudi regime has also sentenced 17 men to prison sentences of up to 30 years on Tuesday


Riyadh intensifies clampdown on east

TheGuardian,Deadly shootings in Saudi Arabia, but Arab media look the other way, Thank you; Reem Al Assad
Saudi court sentences 17 activists to jail


Pics taken from :  as follows, according to a descendant order , 1, 2, 3, ..

Hunting Down people at the Water Tower ...

Just a Glimpse,.. 

Persian Gulf CIA Task Force Page has been removed from their Site,.. WHY??

The Clashes of Intellects, counter Intelligence ...

could it be because Hizbullah had dealt them a hard blow that made them also " Close Down their Beirut Office" ?? ,.. The page had existed before, I have seen it, but it was my fault I didn't take a snap shot of it,..
but here it is shown on search engines :

I will NOT Comment , but , unlike the way I go about Blogging, I'll just for this time , " Quote " and " Link "

Jewish Virtual Library: about Bahrain

From : the CIA info about Bahrain Uprising :

In 1783, the Sunni Al-Khalifa family captured Bahrain from the Persians. In order to secure these oldings, it entered into a series of treaties with the UK during the 19th century that made Bahrain a British protectorate. The archipelago attained its independence in 1971. Facing declining oil reserves, Bahrain has turned to petroleum processing and refining and has transformed itself into an international banking center. Bahrain's small size and central location among Persian Gulf countries require it to play a delicate balancing act in foreign affairs among its larger neighbors. In addition, the Sunni-led government has struggled to manage relations with its approximately 70% Shia-majority population. During the mid-to-late 1990s, Shia activists mounted a low-intensity uprising to demand that the Sunni-led government stop systemic economic, social, and political discrimination against Shia Bahrainis. King HAMAD bin Isa Al-Khalifa, after succeeding his late father in 1999, pushed economic and political reforms in part to improve relations with the Shia community. After boycotting the country's first round of democratic elections under the newly-promulgated constitution in 2002, Shia political societies participated in 2006 and 2010 in legislative and municipal elections and Wifaq, the largest Shia political society, won the largest bloc of seats in the elected lower-house of the legislature both times. Nevertheless, Shia discontent persisted, often manifesting itself in street demonstrations and occasional low-level violence.
In early 2011, Bahrain's fractious opposition sought to ride a rising tide of popular Arab protests to petition for the redress of popular grievances. In mid-February, a vanguard of hardline activists - who reject the legitimacy of the Al Khalifa regime and have sometimes instigated low-level violence - organized demonstrations in Shia neighborhoods demanding a new constitution, release of hundreds of Shia prisoners, and an end to discriminations in all sectors of society. Cycles of protestor deaths, funerals, and clashes with security forces ensued, escalating domestic tensions. The government's offers of modest political and economic concessions went nowhere as did the king's "national dialogue" with the opposition. In mid-March 2011, with the backing of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) capitals - especially Riyadh and Abu Dhabi - King HAMAD put an end to the mass public gatherings and increasingly disruptive demonstrations by declaring a state of emergency and authorizing the military to take all measures to "protect the safety of the country and its citizens." Manama also welcomed a contingent of mostly Saudi and Emirati forces as part of a GCC deployment intended to help Bahraini security forces maintain order. By mid-April security forces had largely relegated demonstrations to outlying Shia neighborhoods and villages, and negotiations between the government and opposition reached a stalemate. Manama exacted retribution against opposition groups and their supporters through mass firings, arrests, and sectarian incitement. In March, the Gulf Cooperation Council pledged $20 billion in financial aid to Bahrain and Oman over a 10-year period to assist the two nations in their struggle with Arab protests. In June, in an effort to salvage Bahrain's image and economy, King HAMAD lifted the state of emergency, offered to renew talks with opposition leaders, and formed an independent commission of experts from the legal community to investigate abuses during the February and March protests. The government held a byelection in September 2011 to fill 18 seats that were vacated earlier in the year when Wifaq withdrew from the National Assembly.
------------------------------------- End of Quote
Clearly what I highlighted in RED is false

Today a Report released by a committee appointed by the Tyrant himself admitting to using excessive force, a joke of course , and here's what I really think:

 The Peaceful movement by the people of Bahrain, and the way the Saudis, and Bahraini regime, along side with others; Jordanian troops, Pakistanis, Emaratis, and some mercenaries.. have imparressed the USA and allies, no matter what they did,.. painful attrocities, jailing/Killing  children under 13, is not the worst they did
So?? why not try to embarrass the opposition who have been saying all along that the committee is under the power of the regime, and therefore will not publish anything that could harm it,..
so why not say some things that would show them as Hypocrites???

and I think what the opposition should say that, since the report showed clearly parts of the pain the regime inflected on his people, then the regime should not object to International probe into the whole situation... The regime CanNOT accept, which will expose their game ,..


AlManarTV, HOT
CIA FactBook, JVL

CIA Support to the US Military During the Persian Gulf War, CIA released ; 2007

The CIA installed air base in the Persian Gulf

One-Direction, Gotta Be You ; VIDEO & Lyrics

Again a great video by One Direction, Love it,.. but got a little concern,.. I said that I wan't really into British boy bands, but they were different, and I still stand unshaken,..
Not only that but I really think that once they get to the USA , they will be dismembered,..

I could see now, that Zayn will have a musical soon enough, and the rest of  them going in different ways

Sometimes you cannot see the video in some countries,.. so here's a couple of more ....


Girl I see it in your eyes you're disappointed 
Cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart 
I tore it apart 
And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence 
And no woman in the world deserves this
  But here I am asking you for one more chance
Can we fall, one more time?
  Stop the tape and rewind  
Oh and if you walk away I know I'll fade 
Cause there is nobody else
It's gotta be you 
Only you 
It's gotta be you 
Only you

Now girl I hear it in your voice and how it trembles 
When you speak to me I don't resemble, who I was 
You've almost had enough 
And your actions speak louder than words 
And you're about to break from all you've heard 
Don't be scared, I ain't going no where
I'll be here, by your side

No more fears, no more crying 
But if you walk away
  I know I'll fade 
Cause there is nobody else
It's gotta be you 
Only you  
It's gotta be you 
Only you

Oh girl, can we try one more, 
one more time?  
One more, one more, can we try? 
One more, 
one more time I'll make it better One more,
one more, can we try? 
One more, one more, 
Can we try
one more time to make it all better?
Cos its gotta be you  
Its gotta be you 
Only you Only you
It's gotta be you  
Only you 
It's gotta be you 
Only you!




Zayn Malik

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