Saydi Arabia/السعودية

The only country in the world that is named after it's "Masters"; AaalSaaud Family, hence the title of the country
It's where Human rights DO NOT exist, and activists are public enemy No.1

USA consider them the closest of allies

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More than 25 Years they are still in Jail?? accused of Khobar towers building, an act Bin-Laden has accepted and confessed to carrying out, and the opposite Ideology does not even make it possible for them to be collaborators, :
-----> ( In May 1996 Bin Laden and his entourage moved from Sudan to Afghanistan. As if to make the point that they might have been chased out of Sudan by Saudi Arabia and the US they were not leaving with their tails between their legs, al Qaeda struck again: The June bombing of Khobar Towers. The Saudi authorities were at pains to implicate Shi'i militants backed by Iran in this attack, since the embarrassing truth that they had their very own homegrown terrorism problem was inadmissible; they did not want to give the impression that there was domestic opposition to the deployment of US troops on Saudi soil.

In 2004, the 9/11 Commission noted that Osama Bin Laden was seen being congratulated on the day of the Khobar attack, and this raised the possibility that he may have helped the group, possibly by helping to obtain the explosives or the sophisticated timing device used to enable the escape of the perpetrators. According to the United States, classified evidence suggests that the government of Iran was the key sponsor of the incident, and several high ranking members of their military may have been involved.[15][16] The U.S. government may have been hesitant to more aggressively pursue the offenders within the Iranian military due to the recent rise of a more reformist government and a desire to enhance relations with Iran at the time.[citation needed] A U.S. federal court has speculated that the Khobar Towers bombing was authorized by Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran.[17]

William Perry, who was the United States Secretary of Defense at the time that this bombing happened, said in an interview in June 2007 that "he now believes al-Qaida rather than Iran was behind a 1996 truck bombing at an American military base."[18]

In addition to Secretary Perry, Saudi Prince Nayef, head of the Ministry of Interior and the lead investigating agency, has absolved Iran of involvement in the attack.[19][20][21][22]

On June 25, 2009, Gareth Porter published an article on the website stating that blaming Iran for the Khobar Towers bombing was a false leak released by U.S. officials and Saudi diplomats as sourced by the Washington Post article on April 14, 1997. This gesture as reported by Mr. Porter was a face saving gesture to the Saudi Arabian government for their complicity in allowing Osama Bin Laden to target U.S. military targets by using charities based in Saudi Arabia for funding purposes as long as Bin Laden did not target the government of Saudi Arabia.[23]) <----------

According to the New York Times, Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden might have played a "supporting role" in the Khobar Towers tragedy. He weighed in on the subject in a 1997 interview with a London-based, Arabic-language newspaper: "We had thought that the Riyadh and Al Khobar blasts were a sufficient signal to sensible U.S. decision makers to avert a real battle between the Islamic nation and U.S. forces, but it seems they did not understand the signal."

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دعت منظمة هيومن رايتس ووتش المسؤولين السعوديين لوقف للاعتقالات التعسفية بحق المتظاهرين السلميين، وأقارب الأشخاص المطلوبين، ونشطاء حقوق الإنسان

السعودية: ينبغي وقف الاعتقالات التعسفية

Saudi Arabia: Stop Arbitrary Arrests, Human rights Watch
(Beirut) – Clashes in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Provinceshow the urgent need for Saudi officials to stop arbitrary arrests of peaceful protesters, relatives of wanted persons, and human rights activists, Human Rights Watch said today.

Interior Ministry officials said that the clashes, which broke out in ‘Awwamiyya, a Shia town, on October 3, 2011, and continued into the next day, injured 11 security personnel and three citizens, two of them women. Sources on the ground told Human Rights Watch that the likely trigger was the arrest on October 2 of two elderly residents of ‘Awwamiyya – Hasan Al Zayid, in his 70s, and Sa’id al-‘Abd al-‘Al, in his 60s – to pressure their sons to give themselves up to the police. The sons were wanted in connection with peaceful demonstrations from February to June in the Eastern Province. more on HRW official site ..

Human Rights Activists in Saudi Arabia, orgs, offices:

Society for Development and Change

-Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, Washington DC,..


Human Rights First Society




Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA)