Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Killings in Bahrain/Saudi is done with the supervision of the USA and carried out by Mercenaries

Video by AlJazeera English; Bahrain revolution, Arabic subtitled, 

The USA Knows Exactly when and how Bahraini/Saudi murderers plan on attacking innocent people

Something worrying I found out a couple of days a go; The USA Embassy in Bahrain issued a statement urging their people to be careful because the Bahraini regime " will land heavily on the protests scheduled to take place on Saturday Oct 21, 2011 ,.. Now...

 Bahraini/Saudi forces and the Shield of AlJazeera and their moral ethics ,.. you wounder
... The question is since they unwillingly confessed to them knowing that the Bahraini/Saudi regimes and their mercenaries from Jordan/Yemen/ and Pakistan are going to do such atrocities that even the USA citizens can suffer ,.. WHY in God's name won't they do something about it???

 Human rights and USA Hypocrisy
we Have been deafened by them telling us and the Syrian how anti human rights the regime is, .. yet they never told us that they knew in advance that the Syrians had such atrocities installed for their people and everyone else before they even took place???

The Emir of Kuwait clearly 27 years ago made it clear that AlJazeera shield will not and cannot interfere against an internal affair of any of the Persian Gulf States,.. a sick argument used by Bahrain/Saudi/USA to kill the people of Bahrain 

The USA knows in advance of every move the tyrants of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain do against the human rights activists and people in Bahrain and Saudi ,.. but they choose not to interfere?? or actually they are the ones who plan those attacks on civilians,.. and use the oil as a camouflage paint to mask their deep involvement in every pain those people suffer ,.. Shame on you uncle Sam,..
 Extremely Graphic and disturbing:  
Caution is strongly adviced; Beheading of an Indonesian maid in Saudi Arabia
Demonstration Notice October 20, 2011
 US issues Bahrain attack warning
From George Galloway Facebook page:
It reads like a Hollywood film script" said the FBI Director Robert Mueller at the podium on the breakfast news unveiling what might be an Oscar-Winner at least in the "Wag the Dog" category.
Iran it seems, at least in the script, planned to blow up the Saudi Ambassador to Washington in a restaurant frequented by American senators and scores of other diners. And it contracted, through an Iranian- American citizen ( who appears to have been convicted long before his presumably forthcoming trial) guided by a named "member of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard", a Mexican Drug Cartel to do the job for a price of $1.5 million. Only the hired assassin was in fact an FBI operative, turned by them from his drug-dealing past into a sting operator. Thus the $100,000 down payment the Iranian-American allegedly paid into the agent's bank account goes to the US Treasury to reduce President Obama's deficit. Which may of course be where it came from in the first place.... read more on the Facebook link I provided, and support George, please .. "

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