Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A war against Iran is suicidal

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Formidable Iranian intelligence hinders the stealthy plot  to use Saudi Arabia's airspace to attack Iran and conduct surveillance operations,
The Iranian authorities know that  the original plans to use Qatar as a launching pad for a strike against Iran is not possible for the retaliation by Iran will jeopardize the existence of US military control over the tiny Persian Gulf state,
Where they expect Iran to hit with might, in retaliation and make Qatar an example of the wrath of the IRI,
Another possibility was using Bahrain as a Base m because it is very close to Iran
to eavesdrop on Iran, but since the uprising that possibility is becoming more questionable ,
But attacking Iran in anyway will not succeed unless it's allies are busy defending themselves against other domestic threats,..
Syria facing being turned into a magnet for alQaeda, since the USA know for sure that the Ogre they created is beyond controllable and is a threat ,..
It is now hindering their efforts in Yemen, possibly in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt later on, Somalia of course,..
The Ideology of alQaeda that was the reason the USA used them, hate, numbers and the ability to be used fully as blind hate bombs against anyone, anything they come to hate, and the Saudi money backed with the religious ideology that feeds that hate evident inside Saudi Arabia and through their religious institutes world wide and intolerance toward others does not make them " the perfect allies " to the USA, so it needs to be funneled and controlled,
send them to syria and create a magnet to draw all of them in a holy war against Shia, Christians and other minorities
One more thing that made them the ultimate weapon for CIA and other establishment to use world wide is the money flow from SAUdi that is not being paid by uncle Sam,. so both assets, soldiers " of hate" and money is under the control of the USA m where they don't need to expose their plans to their public, explain the death of American soldiers and loss of money in wars off land,..

In Lebanon , the same thing is happening to busy Hizbullah, the USA had enlisted the help of alQaeda, used the Islamic Brotherhood, Salafists,.

In Gazaa, put them against Egypt and Abbas and allies,..

a war against Iran will allow alQaeda and others to move in and benefit from war weakening all allies to the USA in the Persian Gulf and else where and , especially in places where they have great presence, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatarm and at least start civil wars and conflicts, endangering the oil supply route and lefting whichever was preventing Iran and allies from launching a full scale war against Israel and others in the region,..

in short,..

The USA will loose if Syria fall in the hand of the Saudi backed  alQaeda, and will give Iran and allies no choice but to retaliate with full force ,. everywhere ,..

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